International Programme Coordinator

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Location: Hyderabad, India

Duration: 30th January to 12th March (programme preparation start 2 weeks prior) with 3 week gap then another programme 2nd April till 14th May (programme prep stars 1 week prior)

Responsible to: _SocialStarters Directors & Programme Manager

Commitment: Full Time

Compensation: Voluntary Position. All Programme related costs are covered by _SocialStarters, i.e. program related travel, printing, stationary, SIM card and phone credit. The volunteer is responsible to cover visa, insurance, flights and accommodation. Accommodation costs are estimated at approximately £150 per programme.

The Programme
_SocialStarters is a social purpose business, based in the UK. We create an immersive experience for professionals interested in social entrepreneurship by providing a platform for international and local change makers to connect and share their skills, knowledge and passions.
The international skilled professionals spend 6 weeks in Hyderabad, India. For the first week, the _SocialStarters team will provide training on social entrepreneurship, start-up methods, consultancy tools and techniques and cross cultural working.
At the end of that week, the professionals emerge as a Specialist Volunteer, ready to work with a local social entrepreneur.  For the remaining 5 weeks, the Specialist Volunteer and local social entrepreneur work collaboratively to develop the work they do and drive change in their communities. There is a core focus on financial sustainability and the specialist volunteers will predominantly have backgrounds in marketing, communications, finances & business development.

Job Purpose
To coordinate the _SocialStarters programme in Hyderabad, India, working alongside the Programme Manager and Local Support Coordinator to guide and support the Consultants and Clients through the 6 week programme.
To provide additional programme support, manage partner relationships, logistics, plan and deliver weekly meetings and trips, offer advice to Consultants on their client work and ensure that any issues during the programme are resolved. They will be responsible for working with the Programme Manager to plan and implement the programme.
To complete side projects for _SocialStarters to aid business development, marketing strategy and impact assessment.

Key Responsibilities

Volunteer Support
Working to provide adequate support and supervision of volunteers throughout the programme.  Having responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the group and contributing positively to their overall experience.

Client Support
Working to provide adequate support and supervision for clients (UnLtd investees) throughout the programme. Having responsibility to collect regular feedback to ensure client satisfaction and contributing positively to their overall experience. Discussing feedback from clients and consultants with the Programme Manager to ensure the smooth running of the programme.

Delivering the learning amongst Social Enterprise Consultants on social entrepreneurship, business start-up, career coaching, design thinking and core global social issues through the delivery of supplied training and learning tools. Subsequently ensuring the learning of the in-country volunteer learner group, from the Consultants. Ensuring Consultants are equipped to deliver adequate learning provision.
Supporting _SocialStarters staff with facilitation of the 6 day training. Ensuring full collaboration by the Consultants group where relevant to ensure best learning outcomes for all.

Relationship management and partnership working
Act as a representative of _SocialStarters and partners at all times.  Attend relevant networking events or have meetings with as many relevant people from the business and education community in-country as possible to create opportunities for the programme that benefit all participants.

Programme Development Support
Assist _SocialStarters and partners with programme design and identifying appropriate stakeholders and partners for programme delivery as and when required. Plan weekly headspace trips that encourage cultural exchange. Help in the development and facilitation of weekly workshops and learning opportunities (i.e. start-up clubs).

Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation
To update Directors on programme progress, including the reporting of medical and safety and security incidents.  Support volunteers and participants to produce case studies capturing impact. To manage weekly social media updates about the programme: blog posts, Facebook and Twitter.

_SocialStarters Projects
Side projects will be assigned according to skills and need by the organization. This might include business development projects, social media campaigns, marketing material development, research projects, reporting and alumni outreach.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required

Cross-Cultural Working
Direct and substantial experience of working cross-culturally and able to communicate to a range of audiences and promote sharing and learning between cultures.

Social Entrepreneurship and International Development
Knowledge of issues which are common to communities in developing countries, possibly achieved through working or living in a developing country.  Experience of promoting learning about development issues and basic knowledge around social entrepreneurship.

Possession of strong verbal communication skills to work effectively and inclusively with overseas partners and colleagues. Strong written communication skills needed for writing reports.  Strong verbal communications skills needed for training volunteers.

Significant experience of working in a supervisory role. Proven ability to promote self-awareness, learning and development among individuals.

Planning and Organising
Able to develop clear and realistic plans to deliver agreed objectives within deadlines, involving key individuals in the planning process.

Sufficient experience of working with volunteers to understand the key factors which make volunteer placements viable, effective and rewarding.

Strategic experience – business planning, campaigns or start up environments
Understanding what it’s like starting a business, project or campaign and knowing the key factors to success, including stakeholder management, partnerships building and strategic planning.

Digital Marketing & Social Media
Experience knowing how to use digital marketing and social media tools to drive awareness that strategically aids the recruitment efforts of the team.

Experience working and/or traveling in developing countries
Understanding the differences in culture, environment and infrastructure. Experience finding your way in a new and different environment, organising trips and establishing relationships with the local community.

Additional Information

Successful Candidates will be invited for a skype interview on the 28th December.