Investor Relations Officer

Root Capital
Deadline for Applications
Where to Apply
Contact: Liz KaragerogosHR Operations Associatejobs+irofficer@rootcapital.orgApplications including a resume and cover letter describing your interest, qualifications, language abilities, salary requirements, and how you learned of the position should be sent to: Please type “IR Officer” followed by your name (Last, First) as the subject line of your email (e.g. “IR Officer – Marrero, Marc”). Finalist candidates will be required to provide at least three work-related references.


1. Manage relationships with donors, investors, and other external constituents. (60%)

Provide regular communication with the donor/investor community:

a. Cultivate funders by writing thoughtful, compelling proposals that identify areas of overlap between our work and the interests and motivations of prospective donors/investors. Respond to due diligence requests on Root Capital financials, impact metrics, projections, strategy etc.

b. Manage day-to-day relationships with Root Capital’s existing base of support by coordinating across departments and offices and synthesizing information to communicate progress on Root Capital’s work.

c. Oversee compliance and stewardship of complex funding programs, particularly with a focus on government institutions and multilaterals such as USAID and the International Finance Corporation.

d. Represent Root Capital and make presentations on our work at meetings and conferences with donors, investors, and other external audiences.

2. Collaborate with team leadership on strategy and business planning (30%).

a. Conduct research and analysis for internal knowledge sharing related to philanthropic and investor revenue strategy and planning, with a specific focus on determining the viability of fundraising from Latin American debt and philanthropy sources.

b. Work with Investor Relations and Strategy, Knowledge and Innovation (SKI), and other departments on the development of Root’s approach and vision for partnering with public and private sectors.

3. Organizational responsibilities (10%).

a. Represent Investor Relations to staff throughout the organization to achieve a shared understanding of Root Capital’s philanthropic and investor relationships and fundraising priorities.

b. Collaborate with other teams to ensure there is a continuous exchange of information and data as needed.

c. Participate in organization-wide meetings and activities.

Qualifications and Experience

· Proven ability to create and maintain positive client relationships, with 4-7 years of related experience. Experience in fundraising setting preferred.

· Superior written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to effectively deliver complex, technical ideas in a compelling form to a variety of constituents including the philanthropic community, corporate executives, economic development experts, academics, journalists, and other influential thought leaders.

· Deep interest in and commitment to creating solutions concerning issues relating to poverty, international development, and/or the environment. Knowledge of and interest in financial markets, international development, and/or impact investing a plus.

· Entrepreneurial spirit and ability to think creatively and work independently, while also being able to work collaboratively in teams and knowing when to seek support.

· Flexibility and the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment while maintaining equanimity.

· Ability to multi-task, while paying strong attention to detail and meeting deadlines.

· Must be authorized to work in the US.

· Interest in business, economic development and the environment; shares Root Capital’s commitment to poverty alleviation and environmental conservation.