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AltGen is looking for a Junior Talent Advisor with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting to join them! You will find yourself adding exceptional value to their IT/Finance division helping them to develop a niche vertical for clients in the sustainability sector who require IoT, AI or finance-related expertise to expand their businesses. They are looking for someone who has an understanding of the intricacies of project funds, investments and the emerging tech pertaining as well as has a thirst for information. You must be keen on expanding your industry knowledge through engaging with their clients and candidates by way of genuine conversations. You will be bright, passionate and curious as well as prepared to partner and grow with them through bringing with you a combination of attributes that include:

Information Repository – you will also serve as the intellectual property of the company, ensuring that legislative requirements and corporate governance principles are current and adhered to.
Time and Project Traffic Management – you will be relied upon to have a constant finger-on-the-pulse, ensuring that your team is delivering a well-priced and quality product on time every time, through real-time goal orientated project management principles
Reporting skills – you will be responsible for collating activity-related statistics that ensure full visibility on the productivity pipeline
Process Efficiency – by being in the centre of activity with clear visibility on the pipeline you will be relied upon to ensure that their processes have as few ‘clicks’ as possible by being robust yet extremely efficient


Month 1 – 3: Regardless of your skills or experience, with AltGen, you will start out in an administrative capacity, learning about their processes and understanding their industry niche
Months 4 – 6: Once you have their processes under your belt, you will then start to recruit in earnest, developing a specialised market vertical, with their guidance
Months 7 – 12: This is when the “sales” part kicks in, and you can start to earn commission
After the first year, there is a bedding-in period as you become really good at what you do, and thereafter we can consider other possibilities. AltGen is always looking to expand into new geographies and into new markets, so expansion and development is a real possibility

Additional Information

Bachelor’s Degree in a Financial or Accounting field
Financial Background

No experience is required but you need to be driven with a thirst for knowledge and passion for people and the planet and doing this through the finance and IoT industries
Strong grounding and understanding of business process optimization
Exposure to the RE industry is the ultimate bonus