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Kiva Internships

Since its founding in 2005, Kiva Interns have been integral to Kiva’s success to date, contributing their passion, drive, ideas and expertise to help us expand our reach and make a real impact around the world. As a Kiva Intern you’ll partake in a variety of educational, social, and professional development events all the while learning volumes about Kiva and our place within the non-profit, technology, and microfinance sectors.

Kiva’s is currently hiring for our August 27th, 2015 – February 12th, 2016 Internship Class

Placement Process

Currently, we are hiring for over twenty part-time internship positions to be placed within all departments of the organization. When Kiva hires for internship roles, we evaluate your application along with your skills, experience, and interests to match to an internship position and Kiva department that leverages your talents while providing an opportunity for you to develop as a professional. Internship positions range from those that require an ability to perform a unique task, while others are suited for candidates with a flexible “can do” attitude and desire to get their hands dirty. Through the application process and interview process it is the role of Kiva’s Internship Program to be a matchmaker – aligning you, your skills, and desires with Kiva needs. For more information regarding Kiva’s application and placement process, including important dates, please visit Kiva’s Internship Application Guide.

Your Skills, Experience, and Interests     +     Kiva’s Needs     =     Potential Match for Internship Position

What you’ll potentially do:

Kiva Interns take on substantial responsibility within their departments, contributing significantly to the effectiveness of their managers and teams. Interns work directly with all levels of Kiva’s management, providing exposure to the decision makers who determine Kiva’s future. Various roles and responsibilities previous interns have been placed, are as follows:

– Community Engagement and Support – You’ll become an expert on the Kiva platform and use your knowledge to support Kiva’s passionate lender community. Learning the ins and outs of Salesforce and gaining invaluable customer service and community engagement skills, you’ll help lenders get involved in Kiva’s mission and create opportunity around the globe on both Kiva and Kiva Zip.
– Program Management – You’ll work with one of Kiva’s three volunteer programs and will play a critical role in supporting and engaging Kiva volunteers, recruiting and screening applicants, and creating content for newsletters/blogs, while helping to build and expand various aspects of the programs themselves.
– Public Relations – You’ll be responsible for conducting interviews with media sources, tracking and reporting pick-up, writing stories, developing fact sheets and writing op-eds, press releases, and pitches to introduce Kiva to potential new lenders, bringing them to Kiva’s “front door.”  
– Kiva Zip – Kiva Zip is an innovative pilot program, a “startup within a startup”, aimed at testing ways that Kiva can make its existing model more direct in order to expand access to lower cost capital for borrowers. Interns in this role, you’ll connect borrowers and trustees and get them posted to the Kiva Zip site.
– Partner Support – You’ll have the chance to communicate with Kiva’s field partners, assist with a wide range of partner monitoring including monthly repayment reports, and review/process loans (Spanish proficiency required).
– Strategic Planning and Business Analytics- You’ll play a key part in defining the user-facing portion of a larger data warehouse projects while working with Kiva’s business analyst in building a series of analytic and operational reports for staff. You’ll slo play a key role in making data-driven recommendations to product, marketing, finance leaders across the organization.
– Video Editing – You’ll leverage your experience using either FCP 7, FCP X, Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects to create inspiring videos from content gathered from the field to bring Kiva borrowers closer to Kiva lenders through inspiring content.
– Development – You’ll work with Kiva’s Development Team to research foundations and corporations that may be interested in supporting Kiva’s work while growing its base of donors that are committed to Kiva’s mission.
– IT – Working with Kiva’s IT Department, you’ll gain exposure to our Mac OS X 10.8 and Windows 7 desktop environment, systems like confluence, Jira, Google Apps,, and Salesforce, all the while contributing to the queue of IT support issues.
– Security and Systems -Working with the security specialist on Kiva’s Technical Operations team, you’ll have the opportunity to research security standards, propose and write policy and procedure, provide specialist knowledge to other teams, fix IT and systems issues, and generally help keep the Kiva site running reliably and securely.
– Engineering – As Kiva’s Software Engineering and Mobile Intern, you are responsible for the ideation, design, coding, testing of a variety of tools, applications, and services. If you have drive, engineering acumen, and a desire to move at ‘internet speed’, this is the role for you.
– Quality Assurance – You’ll be supporting our QA efforts by assisting with manual regression runs, authoring and updating test cases, and organizing test suites. We’ll also have you help out with daily QA tasks, including filing bugs, testing bug fixes, and making sure our bug queue is in order.
– Portfolio Analysis and Impact Investing – Working alongside Kiva’s Partner Investment and Strategic Initiatives Teams, you’ll support the research, relationship building, and vetting of Kiva’s growing portfolio of over 250 domestic and international partners.  
– Marketing and Communications – Kiva’s M&C Team is primarily responsible for introducing Kiva to potential new lenders and bringing them to Kiva’s “front door.” Working with this team you’ll play a critical role in creating messaging to describe partners and tailoring email content to target specific audiences with a focus on testing and optimizing Kiva’s outbound communications.

Kiva Internships are unpaid

The weekly time commitment is a minimum of 3 days per week, from August 27th, 2015 through February 12th, 2016. Please make sure you have the availability to commit three days per week for the entire internship period before submitting an application.