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Kuja Kuja Lead
January 2023 | Fulltime
Hybrid, roving, and/or remoteHello Hello! So you’re interested in joining us? Welcome, we’re happy you’re here.
When you Join Alight, you’ll find…
A team with deep experience in co-designing solutions that create new value around the world. We know we need to always be better, and we believe in the power and abundance of everyday people, everywhere, to change the world with us.
A culture of radical accountability to our customers –as we help build a meaningful life for and with the displaced, we ask them what they want and then deliver on it.
An organization that refuses to settle for anything less than delivering human-worthy services.

If you are looking to be part of a living, breathing, ever-changing organization full of disrupters and doers, then read on!

We are proud to work on borderless teams. We hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds and specifically encourage members of refugee, immigrant or other displaced communities to join us.

The Accountability and Impact Team
Holding ourselves accountable to meaningful change.
Alight’s winning aspiration is to be the best at co-creating human worthy services and solutions with displaced people that redefine quality in our industry. To know if we are achieving this aspiration, we must listen to our customers, measure and understand our impact, and generate insights that lead to meaningful change. The Accountability and Impact Team is a key part of the Global Programs Team, and it is the role of the Accountability and Impact Team to integrate platforms and approaches across global programmatic areas of the organization to ensure we are holding ourselves accountable to meaningful change.

The Role
Kuja Kuja is Alight’s chosen customer feedback accountability platform and has been utilized in various country program settings including Uganda, Rwanda, Somalia and Poland. Used mainly to solicit customer feedback related to Alight services via ratings and ideas for improvements, where Alight staff then in turn act upon that feedback, Kuja Kuja has more recently worked with Alight to adopt its platform in support of additional needs, including during emergency response and as a tool for assessments.
As the Kuja Kuja Strategy Lead, you’ll collaborate with numerous teams across the organization to ensure the entire organization is working towards customer driven quality and accountability. You’ll be guided by and receive support from the Director of Accountability and Impact. Simply put, you will be responsible for the successful roll-out of Kuja Kuja across the organization. This includes ensuring the roll-out is aligned to a predefined strategy, supporting enterprise teams with accurate budgets, ensuring teams are trained and have required tools, analyzing Kuja Kuja data for accountability and program design, and recruiting staff to implement and support the roll-out.
You’ll know you’re succeeding if Kuja Kuja is being used powerfully inside Alight to measure customer-defined quality, that it is used to improve service and product quality in doable and systemic ways, and that quantitative and qualitive insights are being generated and shared inside and outside Alight to drive better understanding, decision making and response design.
For this to be true, you will work to ensure that:
• Kuja Kuja has a clear strategy and budget for expansion across the whole organization
• Design is iterative with consistent attention to key elements for improvements (data collection, responsiveness and accountability to data, communications)
• Recruitment, training, communications, and reporting support this goal
• A global team is in place to support a global roll-out
• The entire organization is working towards customer driven quality and accountability
Building a shared organization takes time and intention. We will always be becoming Alight, which means your work will evolve as well. For now, here’s how you could anticipate spending your time:

Strategy and Budget – 20% of time
 Develop a clear strategy for expanding Kuja Kuja across Alight service points
 Create global investment budgets and enterprise cost requirements for Kuja Kuja expansion across the organization
 Determine capabilities and management systems to successfully use Kuja Kuja globally and at the service level
 Define Alight’s use of Kuja Kuja and use cases

Design – 20% of time
 Support the co-creation team to build Kuja Kuja into global co-creation tools
 Develop a playbook, training and tools for the various Kuja Kuja uses (data collection, etc.)

Communications – 20% of time
 Develop engagement and information tools to advise enterprises on Kuja Kuja and different uses
 Develop Kuja Kuja communications strategy with internal communications team
 Report routinely on updated Kuja Kuja use globally

Roll-out – 20% of time
 Develop roll-out plan
 Build, recruit and manage a global team to support organization-wide Kuja Kuja roll-out
 Ensure teams are trained and have the right tools

Analysis, Insights and Reporting – 10% of time
 Work with Kuja Kuja to continue developing reports, share back tools and necessary data capture
 Analyze Kuja Kuja data to generate and share insights and support program design

Proposals and Funding – 10% of time
 Collaborate with the global support team to use Kuja Kuja to report on program quality and co-creation, and to build Kuja Kuja into proposals
 Provide insights and success stories to accelerate private fundraising

Alight is building and has hubs throughout the world, including Minneapolis, with teams in Europe, New York, Atlanta, and based throughout 20+ countries where we operate. Note that most of our colleagues work in Central and East African time zones and it is critical to be available during some part of those workdays.

Hybrid, roving, and remote are all possible.

This position involves regional and global travel and will likely be between 25% and 50% of you time, depending on structure of the work.

These are “must-haves” when you join Alight:
Open heart and open mind. You start by listening. You believe another person’s truth and it changes you. It unlocks your way of thinking in that moment, it opens your world.
Curiosity. You are always learning. You ask why and why again. You know that change (big and small) is constant, which means your curiosity to learn is matched with adaptability to evolve.
Trust. You believe that people do their best, are disciplined, and care about this as much as you do. You take responsibility for your part and know how to step back and give others the space to shine.
We’re also looking for the following technical competencies: (list technical qualifications)
 People management (5-7+ years) and cross-cultural experience
 Critical thinking and problem solving
 Program design and program management
 Strategic, long-term thinker
 Strategic communications and change management
 Effective at interacting, cooperating, collaborating, and managing conflicts with others in order to complete tasks and achieve shared goals
 Ability to adapt to changing environments
 Strong analytical skills
 Experience with data collection, data management, measurement, analysis and report writing

A cover letter is required as part of the application so we can learn more about you beyond your resume!

These are the things we’re aiming to find. However, we’re open to being surprised. If you embody the spirit of Alight, care deeply about the cause, and if you bring something else that’s special, then please reach out.

Borderless Team of 2,500 staff worldwide that sees possibility, celebrates moments of abundance, shares new ideas, and strives to do a better thing every day.
Family Friendly – We know that you are a whole person with a life and a family. We honor this. In return, we expect that you will take ownership of your work and follow-through on your commitments; sometimes that means flexing your schedule and we’re good with that.
Learning & Development – Access thousands of free online learning courses to take at your own pace and tailor to your professional goals.
Health, dental, and MedEvac Insurance – We strive to offer the best-in-class healthcare plans to our staff each year. We cover 100% of the cost for your health premium and 75% of the cost for coverage for your spouse/dependents.
Retirement – We contribute 6% of your salary regardless of your contribution amount, after one year of service.
Generous Leave Time – Between vacation days, personal leave days, and holidays, you have ample opportunity to take time off when you need it.

We are on a journey to build Alight, a new platform of amazing people and organizations providing lifesaving services and creating breakthrough solutions for and with the displaced. WeAreAlight.org
Alight is an Equal Opportunity Employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental disability, or protected veteran status. Alight complies with all applicable laws governing nondiscrimination in employment.