Kuja Kuja Program Lead, Colombia

American Refugee Committee
Bogotá, Colombia
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*Position will be filled contingent upon funding (expected July 2019).

Kuja Kuja is a real time feedback system that uses consumer feedback to help organizations design more impactful products and services. Designed by IDEO.org and incubated by the American Refugee Committee (ARC), Kuja Kuja tracks customers’ levels of satisfaction with products and services in real time, records in natural language their ideas for how those services might be improved and uses deep learning and trend analysis to discover insights in the data that we collect. Our partners use Kuja Kuja data to improve their service offerings and to redesign how they serve the world.

Kuja Kuja is currently growing across Uganda, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, and the United States, and we have big ambitions for Latin America. Pending successful release of funds, Kuja Kuja is launching in Colombia in July 2019, where we will be working with OFDA and the partners that they fund to invite Venezuelan migrants to publicly rate the services being offered to them and to give their ideas about the services that they need. Our goal is to grow across the entire regional response to the Venezuelan crisis over the coming 12 months.

We are looking for a Program Lead in Colombia who has experience building teams across multiple locations in an unstructured, startup environment. You’ll join a world-class team with deep experience building and growing businesses in markets around the world. We are design driven, endlessly curious, relentless in our pursuit of excellence, and hungry to create a global business, designed thoughtfully, and built with the voice of customers at the heart of it.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities:

Build Kuja Kuja’s Presence in Colombia

– Work closely with the Kuja Kuja Global Leadership team to staff up and launch 3 – 5-person Kuja Kuja teams in Bucaramanga, Cucuta, and Ipiales.

– Manage all aspects of the Kuja Kuja teams in Colombia, creating the management structures required to ensure that our business runs smoothly and that operations and strategy in Colombia map closely to our Global Strategy and operating practices.

– Ensure that Kuja Kuja operational procedures are compliant with OFDA operating policies, while maintaining Kuja Kuja’s position as a service provider to OFDA.

– Ensure that data quality is high in all locations, creating strategies for distribution of our collection in partnership with local and global Kuja Kuja leaders and with our client leadership teams.

– Ensure that Kuja Kuja technology is being used appropriately by all Kuja Kuja teams and that teams are fluent in the entire Kuja Kuja platform.

– Mentor and offer support to Insight Teams members and location leaders to ensure that they are receiving the support required both to do their jobs well and to become leaders at Kuja Kuja.

-Deliver the Kuja Kuja product to OFDA and ADRA teams in Colombia and DC while keeping one eye on the future of the business, regionally.

– Build, manage, and strengthen relationships with our clients, working to ensure that Kuja Kuja is delivering value for them across all aspects of each client relationship.

– Lead Innovation Hours on a biweekly basis, collaborating with Kuja Kuja Global Leadership team to ensure that Innovation Hour learning documents are delivered to our partners.

– Create learning check-ins with our client teams to ensure that there is broad and continued buy in around Kuja Kuja and that expectations are managed appropriately.

– Identify key public and industry events to showcase Kuja Kuja and to build advocacy for our work.

– Leverage your existing network and the network that you will build through this work to create a pipeline of potential new clients for Kuja Kuja.

-Manage and strengthen our relationship with local and national government in Colombia, taking care to position Kuja Kuja optimally within the landscape and language of Humanitarian and Development strategy in Colombia.

– Work in partnership with Kuja Kuja Global Leadership to draft memos, updates, and presentations that are in line with government strategies and existing policy.

– Attend coordination meetings at a local and national level to advocate for Kuja Kuja and the usage of our data by agencies who work with the Colombian government.

– Keep constant check in with relevant government authorities within Colombia.


– Fluent in Spanish and English, and with experience working in Venezuela, Colombia, or adjacent, Spanish Speaking Countries.

– At least 5 years work experience in a client-facing role, such as as a consultant, product manager, team leader, or founder.

– Demonstrated experience taking new products, systems, or services to market, whether within an organization or as part of a startup.

– Experience leading and building teams, where there is limited guidance and no clear daily path forward.

– Experience managing OFDA and USG funded projects, with a good understanding of donor regulations and policies.

– Understanding of, and an ability to work with, technology development teams across the entire technology development life cycle.

– Experience working within the humanitarian response or social development space or a demonstrated desire to learn about these spaces.

– An understanding of the prototyping process and a willingness to test new ideas before they are fully formed.

– Experience working with multicultural multilingual teams and a demonstrated history of successful communication across those teams.

– Experience working in a design led environment and a willingness to move quickly as core assumptions change and the vision for Kuja Kuja evolves.

Traits we look for:

– Humility. It is core to what we do at Kuja Kuja and our team practices it every day.

– Playfulness. Seriously! We believe that play and joy are core to creating compelling, intuitive technology and a world-class business.

– Ability to roll with it. We’re growing quickly and changes happen fast. Flexibility makes that easier!

– Willingness to move quickly and take new ideas and products to market before they are ready. We build to learn.

– Curiosity. We encourage everyone on our team to ask why.

– Ability to communicate broadly. Our team is diverse and learning to communicate across that diversity will be critical.

– Happiness! We are building a family here. We want you to be part of it!

What you’ll get:

Kuja Kuja offers competitive compensation packages for the right candidates, a comprehensive healthcare plan, professional development opportunities, and access to world-class technology.

Team, Culture, and Opportunity for Growth:

We invest heavily in our team at Kuja Kuja through ongoing access to trainings, mentorship, and opportunity for personal and professional growth. Our team has lunch together most days, socializes together every few weeks, and is quick to support one another both in work and outside of it.

At Kuja Kuja our goal is to grow compassionate, moral leaders who are willing to take the hard road to create great impact in the world. We believe that love, trust, and transparency are the operating principles that build great organizations. Each one of us strives to live by these principles on a daily basis and we encourage others around us to do the same.

As a growing organization with a global ambition the opportunity for growth and leadership is ever present. Kuja Kuja will become what we make it and that starts with how each of us contributes to the organization every day. At Kuja Kuja each team member takes responsibility for the whole team’s growth and development. We set a standard of excellence for our team members and ourselves that encourages learning, collaboration, and support.

As a team we have some principles, ways we expect one another to work:

– Be curious, always. Learn, learn, learn.

– Ask how something might work, before saying why it won’t.

– Collaborate. Do it together.

– Show your work and share ideas before they are fully formed.

– Include team members by asking questions. Exclude them with definitive answers.

– Lead with love and compassion and assume good in people.

We love Kuja Kuja and we’re excited to chat with you about it!!!