Laboratory, Testing and Technology Associate

Where to Apply

The position is full-time and based near Auroville and Pondicherry, in Tamil Nadu, India.

The Laboratory, testing and technology associate will:
•       Manage the testing work on stoves (testing of efficiency, emissions, durability, etc.)
•       Do research &development and design of combustion technologies
•       Use, maintain, and purchase the laboratory equipment
•       Conduct fundamental and applied research on stoves and combustion

Additional Information


o Applied science and testing skills and experience
o Experience with laboratory work
o Good mathematics skills
o Advanced Excel user
o Good verbal and written English communication skills

o Experience and good understanding of combustion
o Knowledge of complementary software such as Lab View
o Knowledge of material science
o Research and development skills
o Knowledge of test and emission measuring equipment, combustion and gas analysers (ENERAC, Portable Emission Measurement System, etc.)
o Data analysis and reporting experience

Program Details:
• Un-paid volunteering based in Auroville near Pondicherry
• Candidates should have their own laptops to pursue the volunteering
• On a case to case basis may consider remote working volunteering structure
• Potential opportunity to land in full time job after graduation
• Opportunities exist for proven candidates to continue to work on research projects even past the volunteering program