Lead Software Azure Engineer

India - remote
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Deadline for Applications
How to Apply
Please go to https://www.decodis.com/work-with-us/ and follow the instructions to apply.
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Full-time, Remote

Application open until Jan 25, 2024 or until position is filled


Decodis is a social research company that focuses on understanding vulnerable people. We are seeking an English-speaking Lead Software Engineer with specialized skills in Azure development based in India to contribute to the development and technical design of the Company’s Azure based data management system. This is a fully remote position – you will work as a long-term contractor with a 40hr/week commitment under the direct supervision of the CEO at Decodis. We are anticipating a start date in March 2024.



At Decodis, we do more than just listen. We decode. We hear not only what people say and the words they choose, but how they say it – the pitch, pauses and emphasis in their voice. Using a set of tech-led techniques, we can gather these voices in detail and at scale. We create custom data capture tools and analyses, elevating the voices of respondents. From survey development to final analysis, we can help organizations better understand the populations they serve. Visit www.decodis.com for further details.



The work we do provides insightful, actionable information that contributes to changing people’s lives at the bottom of the income pyramid. You will be an integral part of the team and will contribute to this work by helping build, implement and maintain our data management system..


The Lead Software Engineer will be responsible for contributing to the technical design and implementation of all aspects of Decodis’ Azure based software applications. You will have the following anticipated responsibilities:


– Report directly to the CEO, with the advisement of a fractional CTO.

– Take responsibility for Decodis’ technical architecture and design processes.

– Act as a technical subject matter expert for design, implementation and support of Azure IT solutions.

– Execute all aspects of complex projects delivery, including software- design, development and implementation.

– Develop new applications and enhance and support existing applications.

– Managing one or two people with the potential of growing in the future.

– Constantly strive to keep Decodis’ systems at the cutting edge of best practice.


Applicants must be based in India and able to overlap working hours with the East Coast of the United States (UTC–5), which are 9am-5pm. We require a minimum of 5 hours of overlap during this time period with work averaging eight hours per day.  We offer flexibility in terms of meal breaks, medical appointments, etc.  Decodis is a remote-first company with a diverse, global team. We strongly encourage candidates of all genders, backgrounds and ethnicities to apply.

The successful candidate will demonstrate a breadth of diverse technical experience and capabilities. This is an individual contributor role requiring a blend of entrepreneurial creativity and highly exacting execution skills.

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

– Bachelor’s, or Master’s, degree in information technology or a related field.

– 10+ years of experience as a developer with focus in web application development using Python.

– Core competencies in:

1. Software Development:

– Designing, developing and testing scalable cloud-native web applications using Python and its frameworks (Django, Flask) on Azure.

– Working with front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React.

– Designing scalable secure software solutions using Azure services such as Azure PaaS, Azure SQL, etc.).

– Understanding the concepts of CI/CD, Azure Kubernetes service and Azure Devops.

2. Database Management:

– Designing databases, its schemas, and optimization for performance on Azure.

– Proficiency in database design, optimization, and management (e.g., PostgreSQL, MySQL).

3. Code Quality:

– Writing well-documented and efficient code following best practices and coding standards.

– Performing code reviews to ensure quality and consistency.

4. Web Development:

– Developing user interfaces using well supported front-end technologies (Java script, Angular) on Azure.

5. API Development:

– Creating RESTful APIs for communication with other services using Azure utilities

6. Performance Optimization:

– Identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks in the application and optimize scalability.

7. Security:

– Implementing security best practices, including data protection and user authentication.

– Handling sensitive data such as PII and PHI

8. Testing and Debugging:

– Writing unit tests and conducting thorough debugging to ensure the reliability of applications.

9. Version Control:

– Using version control systems (e.g., Git) for code management and collaboration.

10. Documentation:

– Maintaining documentation for code, APIs, and processes to ensure knowledge sharing and ease of maintenance.

11. Collaboration:

– Collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams, including key business stakeholders and technical peers.

– Understanding of Agile and Kanban methodologies.

12. Technical Research:

– Staying in touch with industry trends and emerging technologies to make informed technical decisions.

Required personal attributes

– Exceptional verbal and organizational skills.

– Adaptable and flexible, with an ability to thrive in changing situations.

– Able to deliver on established timelines.

– Comfortable with experimentation, amenable to trying new approaches, open to alternative methods of execution and delivery.

– Ability to find solutions which are designed to create competitive superiority.

– High energy and positive attitude.

– Self-starting with an ability to work at max productivity when alone and unsupervised.

Work conditions:

– Availability to travel internationally for one week per year – (travel costs paid by company);

– Reliable access to high-speed internet; Internet connection should be good enough for extended video calls on camera

– A company-owned computer will be provided.

Note: We provide a Microsoft Business account and subscriptions to paid services you will need to execute your tasks.


Please note that we do not sponsor work visas in any country. Therefore, you must be able to legally work as a contractor from wherever you plan to be based at any time during your contract with us. As aforementioned, you must be based in India to be eligible for this contract. Please note that you do not need a US work visa to work with us from any of these countries.



Please go to https://www.decodis.com/work-with-us/ and follow the instructions to apply. You will be asked to fill in an application form, and submit a CV along with a cover letter in English. Please note that email applications or applications forms in other languages will not be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for follow-up. At this time, we are not in a position to offer compensation for the time spent participating in the selection process (timeline below). Only approved candidates will move on from one stage to the next.

1. Screening application submissions: now – Jan 25 / Expect follow-up by Jan 29

2. First Interview (1h): Jan 29 – Feb 2

3. Second Interview(s) – if moved forward (30min each): Feb 5 – Feb 16

4. Final decision announcement: By Feb 20

5. Start date: ASAP, latest 1 month from offer acceptance