Leadership Certificate in International Development Project Management and Social Change

Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
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Carolyn Meyer, cmtaylor@miis.edu

The Middlebury Institute of International Studies program on Design, Partnering, Management, and Innovation is open to development professionals, career-changers, graduate students, and a limited number of gifted undergraduates.  DPMI is a professional certificate program for those seeking training for careers in humanitarian relief, emergency response, poverty alleviation, and long-term community development. The DPMI course consists of three modules, each 1 week long.

Module #1: Managing Development Projects
Participants will learn the necessary components of project design. Implementation of strategies to ensure sustainable benefits and alternative evaluation methods will also be discussed. At the module’s completion, participants will create an overall evaluation plan for a project along with a detailed project implementation plan using the results framework (RF), an approach to project development that is widely used in bilateral and multinational organizations including USAID, the World Bank and UNDP.

Module #2: Facilitation and Participatory Development
Participants master tools and skills needed to effectively assume the roles of facilitator, trainer, and change agent. Local human resource development is an important component in every development project. The module focuses on transferring skills to participants so they can conduct their own training programs. Topics covered include needs assessments, adult learning practices, community mobilization, stakeholder negotiation, conflict mediation, and the training of trainers.

Module #3: Social Entrepreneurship and Strategic Partnering
Participants, working within a context of social entrepreneurship, become proficient in the use of tools and techniques to conduct an analysis of vision and mission; identify core competencies; and forge strategic partnerships to enhance organizational effectiveness.  Innovative software applications are introduced to support a simulation.

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Additional Information

Monterey Summer Program: May 23-June 3, 2016

Washington DC Summer Program: June 6-17, 2016

Kenya Summer Program: June 14-23, 2016