LGT Impact Fellowship – Global Fellowship Program

LGT Impact and LGT Venture Philanthropy
Africa, Brazil, China, India, Switzerland, The Philippines, UK
Job Type
Full-time, 1-year, fellowship, living stipend
Deadline for Applications
Where to Apply

As part of LGT Impact and LGT Venture Philanthropy\’s strategic support to scale proven entrepreneurial solutions, the LGT Impact Fellowship was established to provide additional know-how and capacity to portfolio companies and organizations. Nominated candidates work full-time for one year on-the-ground with LGT Impact/VP\’s regional investment teams or the senior management teams of leading social enterprises to support their ambitious expansion targets. Fellows\’ main objectives are to share their know-how, train local staff and build up organizational capacity.
Since inception of the program in 2009, over 140 professionals have joined the program to create impact around the world. Learn more about the LGT Impact Fellowship on our websites: LGT Impact – http://www.lgtimpact.com and LGT VP – http://www.lgtvp.com

Tasks & responsibilities
Dependent on the specific Fellowship type and role

Typical professional backgrounds (inter alia)
Finance, business consulting, business development, marketing and communications, operations, project management, IT, data analytics/science/management, engineering, research and M&E, HR, product development and sales, process and quality management or legal.

Personal and professional development opportunities
The LGT Impact Fellowship offers exceptional personal and professional skills development by exposing its participants to complex and unknown environments at leading social enterprises primarily in emerging countries. The program provides a great opportunity to start or advance a purpose-driven career. The majority of alumni have been continuing their careers in areas where they are able to contribute positively to society (71% social sector; 23% private sector; 6% public sector). 78% consider the program as a helpful career step for professionals towards a more meaningful job. Our alumni work for well-known organizations like USAID, World Bank, CDC, responsAbility, WHO, CAF Venturesome, Pacific AgriCapital, to name a few; others started their own businesses like Impact Amplifier (SGB Consulting, Sub-Saharan Africa) or SucreBlue (diabetes treatment India) and some were able to join LGT\’s team. Learn more about previous [\”Fellows\’ Impact Careers\”:http://www.https://www.lgtimpact.com/en/fellowship/impact-career/]

Interested candidates are required to have the following basic qualifications:

Education and professional experience
* Undergraduate degree (MBA or other advanced degree in a relevant field preferred)
* Minimum of 2 years relevant full-time work experience (excluding internships)
* Proficiency in English (additional languages from revelant regions preferred)

* Self-starter, keen to work independently with limited supervision
* Strong research and excellent analytical skills, both qualitative and quantitative
* Excellent written and oral communication skills; with an ability to formulate and present analysis and arguments in a clear, crisp and concise manner
* Good understanding of challenges and trends in low/middle income country development

Successful candidates bring
* Preparedness to make financial and personal sacrifices to serve the vision
* Willingness to spend a year in a different country
* Direct experience working in one of our regions
* A positive attitude, sensitivity to other cultures and a strong commitment to making a difference
* The ability to work unsupervised and take responsibility for own actions and for those reporting to them
* Flexibility, open-mindedness and the ability to constantly adapt to a changing environment
* Ability to deal with ambiguity and unforeseeable risks caused by an often unpredictable context

In addition, more specific requirements may apply to individual Fellowship types and roles.

1) Register to the LGT Impact Fellowship Member Portal. After your registration request has been approved, you become a member of the portal (only members of the portal can apply for the Fellowship Program)
2) Via the member portal, candidates can apply for the LGT Impact Fellowship (we only accept online applications)

Additional Information

About LGT Impact
LGT Impact targets both attractive financial returns and measurable, positive social and/or environmental impact. As a global impact investor we invest in scalable business models and help to build strong companies that provide vulnerable people with access to essential services and products in areas such as education, health, agriculture, energy, and information and communication technologies. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of less advantaged people, contribute to healthy ecosystems and build resilient, inclusive and prosperous communities. To date, we have invested and deployed over USD 100 million into 56 companies and organizations, and reached 5.5 million less advantaged people globally in 2017. LGT Impact is the impact investing arm of LGT – the world’s largest privately owned Private Banking and Asset Management group with USD 180 billion assets under management as of June 30th 2017.

About LGT Venture Philanthropy (VP)
Established in 2007, LGT VP is a global venture philanthropy foundation supporting organizations with outstanding social and environmental impact. Headquartered in Zurich with local teams in Latin America, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and China, LGT VP is committed to improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people, contributing to healthy ecosystems and building resilient, inclusive and prosperous communities in developing and emerging countries. We focus on the areas of education, health and environment/conservation. LGT VP is looking to scale high-impact organizations through provision of funding, transfer of business and management know-how, and access to relevant networks. To date, LGT VP has funded more than USD 32 million into 39 organizations that have improved the lives of over 2.7 million less advantaged people in 2016.