Managing Director, Advocacy and Advisory Services, Ultra Poor Graduation Initiative

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BRAC is the world’s largest development organization, dedicated to empowering people living in poverty. Working across 11 countries in South Asia and Africa, BRAC touches the lives of more than 130 million people. Named the World’s Number 1 Ranked NGO in 2016 by NGO Advisor (, BRAC uses a wide array of antipoverty tools such as microfinance, education, healthcare, food security programs and more.

In 2002, BRAC pioneered the Ultra Poor Graduation approach, a time bound and sequenced set of interventions for the most vulnerable and destitute within poor communities. The approach has gained widespread recognition and has been adapted and replicated by non-governmental organizations, governments and microfinance institutions with success measured by rigorous independent evaluations and Randomized Control Trials.

In 2013, BRAC launched the Ultra Poor Graduation Advocacy Initiative. The Initiative aims to catalyze global implementation of the Graduation approach and its adoption across major stakeholders through the following:
•       Increased awareness and uptake of the Graduation approach by stakeholders including policymakers, development finance agencies, national governments, NGOs and MFI implementers as a result of global advocacy efforts.
•       Effective implementation of the Graduation approach, supported through advisory services, technical assistance, training and knowledge transfer from BRAC’s Targeting the Ultra Poor program to external stakeholders interested in, or currently implementing Graduation approaches.

BRAC now seeks to hire several high level positions for a global team focused on advocacy, advisory services and fundraising around the Ultra Poor Graduation approach. These positions may be based in New York or DC and will manage staff across offices spanning New York, London, Bangladesh and other country offices of BRAC in Asia and Africa.
Position Description: Managing Director
BRAC seeks a Managing Director to build and accelerate the momentum of a global team advancing advocacy and advisory services around the Ultra Poor Graduation approach. The Managing Director, in collaboration with the BRAC family of entities, will mobilize significant resources from multilateral and donor communities, negotiate engagements with multilaterals, governments and other implementers, and serve as a powerful advocate and external figurehead representing BRAC\’s pioneering role in Graduation programming. The Managing Director will bring a strong track record in strategic fundraising; knowledge of innovative development programs; social protection; livelihoods and financial inclusion; technical assistance and advisory expertise; management strengths; and a collaborative style to partner effectively across a complex organization.

The Managing Director will report to the Chair of the Steering Committee for this Initiative, consisting of senior BRAC, BRAC USA, BRAC UK and BRAC International leadership, and for administrative purposes, to the CEO of BRAC USA.

The Managing Director will be responsible for implementation and execution of the team’s technical advisory services, advocacy and fundraising strategies. S/he will cultivate and manage key relationships with external influencers and represent BRAC entities to government ministries, International NGO’s and multilaterals.

More detailed responsibilities include but are not limited to:
•       Drive BRAC\’s resource mobilization efforts for Graduation related advocacy, advisory services, and implementation efforts through developing a strong understanding of BRAC’s programs and Graduation efforts worldwide, effective donor stewardship and cultivating new opportunities among institutional donors, multilaterals and governments.
•       Develop and manage a consulting practice for BRAC serving external clients including government ministries, multilaterals, consortiums, international NGOs and microfinance institutions, providing technical assistance to these parties on BRAC\’s pioneering Ultra-Poor Graduation approach.
•       Manage global advocacy efforts related to Graduation through facilitating relationships with global influencers (NGOs, multilaterals and governments) and through representing BRAC at high-value national and international events. The Managing Director will represent BRAC as a spokesperson at important public events, conferences and expert group meetings (UN Expert Group Meetings, SDG Working Groups, etc.)
•       Develop a global team across the US, Asia and likely UK and Africa operational countries to deliver the above work stream, including creating global performance indicators, cross cutting staff policies, systems and operating standards.
•       Work with BRAC’s Targeting the Ultra Poor (TUP) program and country teams to map program priorities, and support the design of new Graduation programs to create international learning labs around the Graduation approach. Provide critical support to BRAC country staff in resolving complex organizational, program-related and financial issues.

Critical attributes include:
•       Strategic marketing, writing, interpersonal and public speaking skills; gifted at understanding, synthesizing and powerfully communicating, to diverse audiences, opportunities and program outcomes.
•       Tangible track record of success: developing a high impact organizational strategy with a Steering Committee and international colleagues; managing and inspiring professional staff; creating a culture that is accountable, effective and empowering; driving disciplined fundraising, financial management and responsibility; and navigating an increasingly visible non-US headquartered, multi-country team within the world\’s largest NGO.