Managing Director – Agricultural Social Enterprise

iDE Ghana
Tamale, Ghana
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Opportunity Summary
We’re looking for a creative, experienced manager who is seeking an extraordinary leadership position in a developing world context.  You will be working with and supported by one of the world’s most innovative organizations in its field, utilizing market-based approaches to reduce poverty and improve health and wealth in developing countries. We need your skills and expertise to lead and develop a team of professionals who will design and implement a catalytic program using products, business models, and entrepreneurs to improve productivity and market access for smallholder farmers in northern Ghana.

Why this job is exciting
Farming for a living is a challenge, especially in the three northern regions of Ghana where water access can be scarce and unpredictable. With a rainy season that is becoming less consistent, the ability to grow vegetable crops for household consumption and market sale is increasingly crucial for farmers and their dependents. One of the biggest challenges is working with private sector actors within a market-based framework to enable farmers to improve their productivity.

Based on local and global experience, we have crafted an innovative model to coordinate stakeholders with overlapping interests in a fragmented market—designing products that farmers (of various skill levels) need to succeed.  We are looking for a manager with the right business and management skills to drive this model as well as provide sector advice and insights for new business opportunities.

In Ghana
iDE Ghana was established in 2009 to promote access to new irrigation technologies for Ghanaian farmers in the north. In the years since, we have broadened our approach to address the challenges farmers face in seeking improved productivity and food security, as well as providing market-based solutions for sanitation and health needs to customers at the base of the pyramid.

iDE is an international NGO dedicated to ending poverty in the developing world not through handouts, but by leveraging markets and creating innovations that improve the health, wealth, and happiness of our clients – those living on $2-3 dollars per day. We have a 34-year history of innovation in international development, are based in 14 countries globally, and have helped over 23 million people to date.

Why We Need You
We are poised to develop several innovative agricultural business models in northern Ghana, and see them to their full market potential over the next three years, and we know we need your help to do this.

Are You the Person We Seek?
You are an experienced leader with project/business management skills, with demonstrated leadership and business management experience, who is ready for the next big challenge. You are passionate about applying your expertise to make teams perform and watch sales targets fall.  You are keen to develop innovative business-oriented solutions and hybrid models to converge the best of emerging markets’ best practices with international development. You have a sense of purpose to help those we can.

You are empathic, you can ideate and facilitate brainstorming, and are open minded, seeking new ways of solving problems. You are constantly looking for opportunities to evolve and innovate on strategies, learning through deep user understandings and insights, and not afraid to “fail early and often”, testing and iterating your ideas.  You will report to the Country Director.
You excel at coaching team members and have a proven ability to implement and execute against strategy. You are an expert storyteller, with a talent in simplifying complex concepts. You have strong verbal, written, and visual presentation skills, and have a knack for keeping it fun.

You have hands-on experience leading a team through training and coaching, developing people to become highly proficient at their trade.  You lead people to sell in an honorable way that upholds people and treats buyers with great respect.  You take pride in managing people to perform at their best without crossing the line into unsustainable practices and habits.  You believe that people, with all of their quirks and difficulties are the bedrock of organizational success and you are passionate about how people sell, not just the end results.

You thrive in a collaborative, creative, inter-disciplinary environment. You have a deep respect for colleagues with diverse backgrounds. You have worked in a cross-cultural setting, so you appreciate the benefits and the challenges involved. You are resourceful and flexible – you can handle the occasional power outage, and work creatively when resources are constrained. You are skilled at managing multiple deadlines, as you thrive when engaged in a variety of projects at once. You like to extend beyond your designated role and are comfortable getting your hands dirty in the field. You have the ability to be a leader and a great team-member at once.

Ideal Qualifications:
•       At least 10 years of practical, full-time work experience in leadership /farming/sales management/ strategy/business, operations and budget planning /project management
•       Sales management experience strongly valued, as well as design of national sales strategies and incentives programs, regional manager coaching and support, and support sales curriculum design
•       Additional consideration for experience in developing country and emerging markets contexts, supply chain experience, microfinance or credit experience
•       International development experience is a bonus, but not critical
•       Fluent spoken and written English
•       One-year commitment obligatory, three years preferred; required to be based in northern Ghana
•       Experience with reporting to investors and managing various stakeholders is a plus
•       Ability to:
•       Transform strategic analysis into effective implementation
•       Creative problem-solving skills as a team member as well as a team leader
•       Collaborative approach to working and ability to thrive in an inter-disciplinary team
•       Interest in serving the poor or marginalized

Your compensation and standard of living will be very comfortable and will match that of other senior-career international-level professionals. Your package will allow for a very comfortable and safe lifestyle plus significant savings.

As well:
•       Airfare and moving allowance from your home country to Ghana
•       Bi-annual return air ticket for a home visit
•       Housing allowance in accommodation suitable for international-level professionals
•       International health insurance
•       Visa allowance

Additional Information: Instructions
•       Applications will be accepted immediately, and until we find a spectacular candidate.
•       Start date will be July 1st, 2017 or until a spectacular candidate is found.
•       To apply, please include the position title in the subject line of the email and send the following, in PDF format, to
•       CV/resume
•       Cover letter
•       Optional: documents to showcase past work (portfolio, case studies, capabilities, or other)