Marketing & Sales Manager

Natural Extracts Industries Ltd
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Interested candidates may contact us at, including your CV and a brief message about your passion as a sales manager in the natural foods industry.


Natural Extracts Industries Ltd (NEI), a start-up social enterprise, is pioneering the sustainable flavour production industry in Tanzania, starting with vanilla and other flavour extracts. The company works in all areas from cultivation, to post-harvest processing, to value-add manufacturing and to international sales and marketing. The supply chain currently integrates over 1000 farmers from Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Morogoro regions, and through this sourcing model NEI aims to deliver a long term socioeconomic impact of ~$280 in incremental annual income per smallholder household. Current products include natural flavours, such as: (i) liquid extracts from vanilla, orange, cacao and coffee; and (ii) solid flavours like gourmet-grade bourbon vanilla pods, cocoa powder and nibs. The company is embarking on a retail sales campaign in East Africa and preparing for future expansion to South Africa and Western Africa.

Role responsibilities

The M&S manager will be responsible for the following activities:

• Executing a sales strategy to accelerate sales growth in target expansion geographies;

• Designing a distribution strategy and managing distribution channels for all products;

• Preparing periodic sales reports showing sales volume, potential sales, and areas of proposed client base expansion;

• Successfully placing products in high-value supermarkets and gift shops;

• Managing sales agents in East Africa, South Africa and Western Africa and recruit new;

• Lead marketing efforts for the retail product line and maintain social media presence;

• Developing relationships with high volume B2B customers and actively pursuing new;

• Evaluating the sales strategy from time to time and submitting any recommendations to the management team;

• Leveraging the CRM capabilities of our online ERP system, maintaining sales data integrity and monitoring aged receivables;

• Helping NEI maintain and grow a wide level of relationships with the current accounts/customers; and

• Participating in national, regional and international trade shows.

Desired skills

The M&S manager will have the following qualifications and competencies:

• Bachelor's degree or equivalent in a related commercial field;

• At least 7 years of experience, with 3-4 years in a managerial role with proven success in designing and executing sales and growth strategies that increase revenue (experience in retail FMCG is preferred);

• Ability to negotiate large, long-term deals and to quantitatively analyse pricing models;

• Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with non-native English speakers;

• Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment and be sensitive to foreign culture;

• Ability to work independently, with limited supervision;

• A passion for the food industry and social impact;

Interested candidates may contact us at, including your CV and a brief message about your passion as a sales manager in the natural foods industry.