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Visit our application page and follow the steps listed at the bottom of our job posting.
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KnowCap is a human capital network that connects overlooked and undiscovered entrepreneurs with subject matter experts (like you). The aim is to help experts invest in startups with just their free time – no bank accounts needed.The founders that come into our program are people of color, women, and founders living in cities that traditionally do not have access to large amounts of capital. They are founders with great ideas, but most likely will be overlooked by venture capital because of who they are or where they live.

We believe that amazing companies can come from anywhere. Just look at success like Calendly (Georgia), Qualtrics (Utah), and Zapier (Missouri)! By connecting experts with founders we can all change lives together and share in the rewards that come with it.

Our subject matter experts are driven by meaningful work and share a passion for increasing diversity in startups. Our flexible work allows experts to contribute based on how much free time they have.

Just like we know good founders can come from anywhere, we know smart experts come from all walks of life. Many of our contributors have a full time job or are a full time parent, but want the opportunity to contribute to meaningful work, without stepping away from their current commitments.

Experts apply to be a contributor in our digital ecosystem, the platform that connects founders with experts like you. Tasks the founder doesn’t have the depth of skill to accomplish are broken into explicit tasks on our platform. As an active contributor, all available tasks are visible to you and are open to you to claim. Once you claim a task, you follow the instructions, complete the work, and submit the task for review. Once the work is reviewed and accepted by the founder your task is complete, and you’re awarded the pre-set tokens.

You’re now available to pick up your next task to either help another founder or continue with the same founder.

As a Marketing Specialist, you will assist the founder in narrowing in their initial target market through competitor analysis and market research. Using your research and the direction from the founder as your guide, you’ll build a low budget comprehensive marketing strategy the founder can use to get their first customers.

We use tokens to award a stake in our digital ecosystem. This means you always know how much you’ve earned. How does it work? It’s simple.
**Work when you want. How you want. Earn a percent of our network via tokens for completing tasks.
**Different tasks are worth different amounts of tokens based on the level of effort needed to complete them.
**Every task notes the tokens awarded upon completion, so you know what you’ll be paid before you decide to take it on.
**The number of tokens you own is directly tied to our success – if our network profits $10M and you own 1% of the tokens, you will receive $100,000.
**The more tasks you complete for the network, the more you earn

Our application process is different. You can see the steps outlined below, along with an explanation of why each step is included. Our interview process is designed to value flexibility and impact, rather than the time spent at a desk or your ability to construct a cover letter.

**Step 1: Visit the application page of our website, fill in your name and email, and click get started. You’ll be directed to our application, The Starting Block.
Why: This allows us to track your application through our process.

**Step 2: Click “Join Base” in The Starting Block on the homepage.
Why: Joining the base gives you access to interact with the starting block and claim an application task.

**Step 3: Pick and claim an application task.
Why: The application tasks are similar assignments as the tasks that are available to claim in the digital ecosystem. This allows you to self select your skill set and pick a task that interests you.

**Step 4: Follow the task directions, complete the assignment, and submit for review
Why: The application tasks are shorter, but function the same way as tasks in our digital ecosystem, so you’ll get a clear understanding of how our ecosystem functions and the type of work that’s available before joining.

**Step 5: Our team will review your application and respond in 1-3 days
Why: This gives our team the chance to evaluate you on your ability only, while keeping the process flexible for you.

Step 6: Accepted! Setup your wallet and sign the contract to enter the digital ecosystem
Why: The wallet allows you to get paid securely in tokens. The contract protects our founders’ work.

We hope you join us in supporting overlooked founders.