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We’re a fast growing nonprofit that harnesses the power of data science in the service of humanity.  We bring pro bono data scientists together with organizations that are dedicated to solving the world’s most pressing challenges. Every day, mission-driven organizations apply to us with their data science needs.  We then work to understand their pain points, how their organization works and, most importantly, how their data and other data sources can be used to make the biggest impact on the world.

We’ve helped the World Bank estimate poverty from satellite imagery, teamed with the Grameen Foundation to improve their mobile knowledge programs in Uganda, and joined the Red Cross in using fire data and open city data to understand where fires are most likely to occur. We’ve gained a prominent voice in both the data sector and the social entrepreneurship world and you can find word of us in The Guardian, The Economist,Mashable, and the Stanford Social Innovation Review.  See this TEDx video for more about what we do.


While we believe data science can be a game changer for organizations working to tackle the world’s toughest challenges, it’s still a new concept so many people don’t realize how powerful it can be. Reporting to the Managing Director of Capital & Growth, we’re looking for a “partner-in-crime” to join our current Head of Communications and Culture in a key new role that will focus on developing DataKind’s media presence to build awareness about how data science can be applied for social good.

You’ll be a relentless idea generator, thinking of new creative ways to expand our presence and get our brand out into the world. You’ll dive in and take action, bringing those ideas to life–before anyone asks you to do so. You don’t need, or want, micro-management. Rather, you’re a self-starter and thrive having the space to take projects on, execute fully, and continuously run with them.

Your impeccable storytelling skills will shape our message to connect with the right audience at the right time, building on the foundation we’ve already laid. Your experience with media and external communications poises you to play the role of strategic planner and implementer. You’ve proven these skills time and again by leading successful media campaigns and external communication strategies.


  • Expanding our media presence including actively seeking out new speaking and PR opportunities, developing relationships, and representing DataKind when needed.
  • Elaborating the current communications strategies in order to strengthen DataKind’s brand and positioning.
  • Managing external communications including newsletters, blogs, social media, speaking engagements, public events, etc.
  • Experimenting with new marketing ideas, gathering and monitoring data on response rates, and informing further action.
  • Juggling a high number of internal and external requests while maintaining focus and strong prioritization.
  • Managing external vendors and contractors on technical design or development projects.
  • Managing web design and development projects and ensuring web content is up to date.
  • Drafting, editing and proofreading a variety of materials including newsletters, blog posts, reports, action alerts, press releases, and fundraising appeals, ensuring that content is up-to-date, consistent, and attractive.


  • You’ll join a team culture that sets high standards, values new ideas and innovative approaches, and supports individual growth.
  • You’ll enjoy our awesome new offices in NYC which are located within Civic Hall, or our growing team in San Francisco.
  • You’ll thrive in open and flexible work spaces where colleagues challenge you to learn and grow, are open to collaboration, and expect you bring a sense of humor with your ‘A’ game.
  • You will receive a comprehensive and benefits package with room for growth.


  • A strategic storyteller. You have an excellent ability to communicate through diverse media and have a strong portfolio of blogs, proposals, newsletters, press releases, etc. You also think and act strategically to enable each piece to fit together into the larger picture.
  • A relationship builder. You’re a natural at developing and managing relationships with a diverse community of stakeholders. You can accurately and effectively represent your team to reporters, vendors, community members, and everyone in between.
  • Into the details, always.  At the core, you love writing, and you possess a strong passion for the power of words. Your exemplary grammar and communication skills will be key, too. You are extremely attentive to accuracy, and have superb proofreading and editing skills.
  • Service-oriented. You have a service mind-set. You’ve had experience with customer service in the past, whether in a professional setting or a volunteer capacity. You’ve built up a skillset in addressing needs and asks, and managing expectations as well as timelines. You’re known for your “can-do” attitude and always being graciously helpful.
  • A natural monitor. You need to know your hard work is being received. You love knowing who is reading your content, where they are seeing it, and how they are responding to it. You like gathering the data to best inform the direction of your work.
  • Adaptable. You enjoy being part of a fast-paced, highly collaborative team that values rigorous analysis and mission alignment. You’re known to be poised under pressure and possess good judgement.
  • Visually creative. You might not be a designer by training, but you have an eye for design and can effectively contribute to visual media. You can develop the message, including some of the aesthetics, to resonate with diverse targeted audience, and add the final polishing touches.
  • Passionate. You’re inspired and empowered by DataKind’s mission to harness the power of data science in the service of humanity. You’re eager to join a team culture that sets high standards, values new ideas and innovative approaches, and supports individual growth.


  • 5-7 years of experience, with 3+ years in communications, branding, marketing, etc.
  • Project management experience.
  • Customer service oriented.
  • Strong writing skills.
  • An eye for design.


Please complete the following application to the role of Media & Communications Specialist at DataKind through this link –

Although applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis, those forwarded on or before July 4thMonday, will be prioritized, thus, we encourage you to submit yours soon.

The application will be a 2-part process. If your background and experience align, you will be asked to complete a short-answer questionnaire designed to replace a cover letter. Please take your time with them and copy in your answers from a separate document.

Next, if you are chosen as a finalist, you will first be interviewed by ReWork and then by DataKind.
The final step in the hiring process will be to arrange personal reference calls to confirm details of your work history and performance.


You’ll be invited to join our team in NYC or San Francisco. If you have any questions about the role, please feel free to email us at  We look forward to receiving your application!