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If you’re a young adult facilitator* with multiple years of experience facilitating preteens and teens socialized as girls and you’re looking to join a brilliant team and put your skills to good use from home (or wherever you want in the world-ish), you might just be the right person Badass Girls is looking for. They’re an online education company that supports big-hearted preteens and teens socialized as girls to feel more confident being their real selves.They’re got a beautifully expanding community this year… and they need the right heart and set of hands to join us!

*Their programs are founded in their intergenerational mentorship model that connects preteen and teen mentees with “mentors” (AKA facilitators) who can relate via recent age-based experiences. Their ideal candidates are therefore in the 22-27ish age range (not stringent).

A few questions…

Are you a social worker, counselor, educator, graduate student in similar field, skilled facilitator (or similarly applicable background) with experience working with preteens and teens socialized as girls, but you’re tired of running your own business, working at an exhausting job, or you’re seeking more variety in your work life? You want to be part of a sustainable and inspiring collective vision and team?

Do you love the training you received… but you’re craving something more real, more deep, more playful, more fun, and yes… more effective? Are you dreaming of joining a team that will give you the training, the tools, and the structured role to facilitate in this more soulful and real way?

Are you trauma-informed, liberation and social justice-minded, and a practiced expert at your own resourcing, integration and riding personal and collective waves of intensity?

Does facilitating sessions with preteens and teens (large group, small group, and 1:1 sessions) just light you up? Like you feel giddy, purposeful, and like in your bones you just know you’re doing what you’re ‘here to do’ in this life? Do you love facilitating conversations on body love, emotional intelligence, friendships, sex ed, and literally anything else that’s up for preteens or teens?

Does assessing high-risk situations as needed and facilitating referrals to outside support actually soothe your heart? Because you’re no stranger to triaging intensity with your strong, calm, trusting presence?

Are you an attachment science and relationship nerd? Like, you love getting your hands on a new book or podcast episode… every week? And you’re always talking about it with anyone who… shows any interest?

Does connecting with people, finding the attuned words, feeling for the right timing… light you up? Like, it’s one of your superpowers?

Are you a type A with a penchant for detail and organization who handles a complex schedule, detailed spreadsheets and hundreds of individual clients’ journeys with ease and attunement?

Does working with good people who are doing good things light you up?

Are you interested in the future potential of part-time or even full-time work (down the road) supporting preteens and teens to be their realest selves for years to come?

They may have something just for you!

About us:

Badass Girls is an online mentorship business for big-hearted preteens and teens socialized as girls (ages 10-17) who are tired of faking it. Founded by Eliza Reynolds, co-author of Mothering & Daughtering, their mission is to empower a new generation of preteens + teens with the inner tools and experiences to trust themselves. They do this by providing online mentorship programs on topics like body image, anxiety, stress, belonging, embodiment, sex ed, and periods. They also offer live and virtual events, a podcast, a newsletter, and an online community. Parents love their programs, and — more importantly — their participants genuinely do too (and return year after year).

Their Core Values:


They’re devoted to their mission (like, it’s a calling). They show up fully to make their projects happen. They’re intense, in the best way. They’re clear on their superpowers (AKA zones of badass genius) and their teamwork thrives off this.


They’re here for the daily belly-laughter. They know that feeling good is an essential nutrient for revolution. They’re researchers of how to lead every process, every meeting, and every project… with more joy. It’s non-negotiable. They know that it’s both revolutionary, and it fuels the revolution. If it feels good, they’re doing it more.


They do what they say they’re gonna do. They communicate clearly, early, and effectively. They get their tasks done early. They ask for clarification as needed, and then take care of their own project roadblocks. They manage their own time. They take responsibility for their feelings, assumptions and projections.


They care so damn much. Their hearts are kinda bigger than their bodies. They’re people-centered (they really care about their community, and they go above and beyond for them). They’re high touch and give very personal customer service. They’re relationally attuned, and they’re personally passionate about growing their own ability to serve, connect and communicate better and better (always). Because they’re so big hearted, they’ve got loving boundaries to match.


They’re devoted to liberation and equitable futures for all. There’s no liberation without the dismantling of inner and outer systems of oppression. They know that to trust theirselves, to be theirselves, and to come home to theirselves, they’ve gotta get free and young people are ready for these conversations. Their programs center the joy and urgency of liberation for preteens + teens.


When something doesn’t go the way they wanted: they don’t see failures, they have revelations. They’re positive AF (but don’t bypass the discomfort). They move towards the growth opportunity. They know vulnerability is a strength. They practice discernment rather than judgement.


They know they’re not just brains walking around. They take care of their bodies and nervous systems before they show up for work. They recognize and reject the dominant work culture of hustling, pushing through, and draining ourselves in order to ‘succeed’. They actively seek and support a culture where their bodies, feelings, and intuition matters. They nourish ourselves so they can offer nourishment in their work.

More about the position:

A BG Mentor is a part-time skilled facilitator who merges their own wisdom of lived experience with their professional training in 1:1 and group session work. A BG Mentor works under the direct supervision of their Program Director and in collaboration with a brilliant team of other BG Mentors to effectively support the big-hearted young people who come through their paid programs to trust themselves more deeply. They are fully responsible for the experience of all participants of the programs, events or conversations they lead within the Academy.

A BG Mentor lives and breathes care, facilitation and attuned support. They’re passionate about the dance of interdependence, boundaries, liberation, love, right relationship and what support at the aligned time in someone’s life can change for their inner and outer horizons. They’re passionate about healthy transference, withdrawing projections, and stepping outside their own inflation/deflation to being their whole, worthy, imperfect self to their communities as a facilitator, guide and human. A BG Mentor is someone who has met and healed their own relationship to the preteen and teen years so they are able to effectively support and facilitate others journeys through this developmental period. They give the ride, they don’t take the ride. They are committed to the positive potential of the preteen and teen years for all beings, and especially folks socialized as girls.

A BG Mentor is masterful with time management, communication, boundaries and accountability. They easefully juggle their (likely) multiple commitments and are delighted that a current part time role like this is getting to do the meaningful work they always dreamed of… with a team that’s committed to collaborative growth and joy together!! They’re excellent at self-care/community care and have a current network of personal support outside this role that allows them to easily show up for facilitating young people (even in periods of personal or collective intensity) to center the young people’s needs and not their own.

This role is on the Badass Girls Support Team AKA the support ecosystem who hold the participants in their programs while under the direct supervision of their Program Director, their Parent & Guardian Liaison, and their founder, Eliza. This is a part-time position that reports to the BG Program Director, and works closely with other Mentors and Assistant Mentors on the BG Support Team.

A BG Mentor is wise beyond their years (with the humor to match it), a lighthouse of embodied realness, and an enthusiast for life itself (with the boundaries to match). They bring centered presence wherever they go as a facilitator.

Ideally you work on EST, or one time-zone removed.

Position responsibilities:

Thinking this gig is tailor-made for you? Read on to learn more.

Overall role responsibilities:

All Mentors do the following.

Check your mentee community inbox on Mighty Networks daily M-F and respond to all mentee messages in 48 hours or sooner on business days, and most Sundays

Check their internal team Project Management and Communication apps daily M-F (and most Sundays) and respond promptly (same day or 1-3 hours for time-sensitive messages)

Create and update S.O.P.s for all relevant processes you manage

Complete all tasks on time or early

Be available and flexible for customer support, mentor support, and miscellaneous tasks around launches, and Sunday live calls within their programs (they are a company that operates on a launch model which means some seasons they have more flexibility and other seasons — such as when they’re launching — they all show up and get it done, which commonly means working weekends)

Coordinate skillfully with other internal High Risk Team to refer out parents when participants show high risk behaviors or have experiences outside of their team’s scope of practice (such as: self harm, suicidality, eating disorder behaviors, abuse, addiction, etc.) while honoring minor’s consent, sovereignty, and safety

Leverage the resources available to you and show up fully present for all aspects of this role

Be 100% accountable for your actions, reactions, needs, care and professionalism in this role

Be an enthusiastic and effective student; excited to dive into their frameworks, receive supervision, and facilitate the BG approach in their programs

Academy Mentor role responsibilities:

All Mentors are part of the support team for their year-long cornerstone membership program for preteens + teens: The Badass Academy.

Support Academy participants as a Mentor in your weekly 2-3 day recurring shift (assigned by the Program Director), this includes: commenting on participant posts, responding to participant 1:1 messages, potentially making posts, and supporting the community engagement goals of your Shift Lead and Program Director. Their community is in the app Mighty Networks that you can access from a phone, laptop or other device. You will at times need to access moderator capabilities from a computer (rather than a phone).

Dream, outline, prepare and lead 2-3 Community Events in the Academy (ranging 1-1.5 hours each) on a Sunday afternoon or evening for the Preteen or Teen community.

Lead or support 2-3 Academy Watch Parties in the Academy (ranging 1-1.5 hours each) on a Sunday afternoon or evening for the Preteen or Teen community.

Support the Big Sister Party led by Eliza monthly on the 4th or 5th Sunday of the month in the Academy

Support, empower, and offer additional training where appropriate (based on your own experience) to assistant mentors and community lighthouses on your shift

Circle Mentor role responsibilities:

Most Mentors lead a higher tier of support in the Academy: a Mentorship Circle. Each MC runs for 9 months, is for 12 participants of a similar age range (preteens, younger teens, or older teens), and is supported by 1-3 Assistant Mentors.

Hold full responsibility for your participants’ experience within the Mentorship Circle

Facilitate 2 monthly 1.5 hour circle calls according to the BG curriculum (received during the onboarding process) on Sundays at a predetermined recurring time and on assigned dates for 9 months (October 2021-June 2022)

Facilitate 12 monthly 1:1 calls (one for each circle participant) throughout the 9 months of the program (you make your own schedule via Acuity however you must make a certain amount of variety available for participants to schedule)

Check in every 2-3 days in MN with your participants and send text and audio memos to support them in their weekly life in-between sessions

Watch all Academy content videos for participants and prepare deeply for all circle calls with the assigned facilitation curriculum

Lead weekly or bi-weekly short check-in calls for your circle’s Assistant Mentors and support their process through the 9 months in their role

Attend and enthusiastically participate in bi-weekly supervision calls on Mondays with the Mentor Team, Program Director, PGL and Eliza

Assess all potential high risk situations in your mentees and bring all needs for referral or reporting to the High Risk Team

Write seasonal hand written notes for your mentees and mail to coordinating team member who’s shipping gift packages

Track each participant’s journey through the program and modify your approach as needed to support them in getting the most out of the experience

Support this circle with the intention of being available to offer 2 more years of continued circle facilitation to the same group if they’re interested

Potential position responsibilities: Academy Shift Lead

Beginning in October 2021, they will have 2-3 current mentors who will step into the additional responsibility + fun of leading an Academy Shift under the Program Director — not just simply being on an Academy Mentoring shift in the normal course of their Mentor role. These will be hired out of our current and incoming pool of Mentors. You may choose to put yourself forward for this role.

Responsibilities would include:

Leading a recurring weekly 2-3 day shift in the Academy with flexible availability

Working directly with the Program Director to track all relevant client details from your shift, assess all yellow flags, and take action on all red flags

Coordinate an effective hand-off of community care and client holding to the next Academy Shift Lead and their team

Effectively lead your support team of mentors, assistant mentors, and other team members through the shift, including managing all internal communication, supervision and support for them that’s needed

Meet the Program Director’s goals for engagement during your shift

Other responsibilities that may emerge in relationship with the Program Director and the shifting needs of the team and community

Potential position responsibilities: Assistant to the Program Director

In the next 6-9 months, their new Program Director will likely be hiring from within someone in the Mentor team who has the skill set to additionally serve as their right hand, and to cover their role on sick days/weekends/days off. You may choose to put yourself forward for this role.

Responsibilities would include:

Understand all SOPs for the Program Director and Mentor Team, and support the Program Director in maintaining and upleveling them regularly

Covering all aspects of the Program Director role on weekends (or alternate 2-3 days a week, agreed upon internally) and as needed (sick leave or personal leave, etc.)

Creatively supporting the Mentor Team and innovating for better structures, strategies and client engagement along with the Program Director

Supporting all Mentor Team meetings, and leading as needed

Other responsibilities that may emerge in relationship with the Program Director

Experience working with the following systems is ideal:


Mighty Networks

Google Suite



Position details:

Here’s who this position is NOT for:

Those who are only interested in a few months of work

Those who have a chaotic, inflexible, distracting or loud work environment

Those who think they know how to do this best and aren’t really excited to train or change their approach to facilitation at all

Those who aren’t willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement

Those who are really struggling in their personal lives and feel like they have unresolved issues from their own preteen or teen years

Those who lack a personal mental health support network

Those who prefer to be front-facing in the business or run their own business

Those who can’t really relate to preteens or teens

Those who think they’re ‘kinda organized’ or ‘pretty organized’

Those who really only want to do in-person work (but this ‘will do for now’)

Those who really want to lead or start their ‘own thing’ (but this ‘will do for now’)

Those who are easily triggered, take things personally, or struggle with boundaries

Those who feel like they’ll need someone to ‘hold their hand’ as they navigate high risk situations with teens

However, this position is for a person who:

Wants to join an amazing team for the long term

Is technologically savvy

Takes ownership and pride in their work

Adapts really well to changes on-the-go

Can handle direct feedback

Can relate to preteens and teens (while still holding appropriate boundaries and personal growth)

Can juggle lots of moving pieces while stay collected

Is relationally attuned, and works well with people of different ages, navigating communication, boundaries and others’ big feelings with ease

Is flexible to check in daily with the team and be ‘on’ more around launches and live events as needed (weekends and some holidays included)

What the right person will love about this position:

You’ll get paid to do work you already love: supporting young people, collaborating with other brilliant empathetic facilitators and teammates, and staying on top of all your client details while iterating the next best format for your work

You’ll get to do your work from anywhere: your living room, your back yard, the pool…

You’ll get to work in a fast-growing online training company, where there are lots of growth opportunities

You’ll be part of a company that has one mission: supporting a generation of preteens and teens to trust themselves, and together they get to witness the ripple effect every day

Experience Required, Hours and Salary:

Our ideal candidate is someone seeking part-time work as an independent contractor starting with 20-25 hours a month with the potential for future growth with the company.

Qualified candidates have 2+ years of experience in:

Directly supporting preteens and teens socialized as girls

Individual and group facilitation

Triaging and responding to high-risk or high-intensity mental health issues

Managing large caseloads or maintaining client records with attunement, consistency and care

Utilizing de-escalation techniques, modeling and teaching coping skills, identifying high-risk behaviors, general assessing for suicidality and other mental health issues

Hourly rate is negotiable based on experience, within the $25/hour range.

Deadline to Apply: Application Due: July 30th at 6pm EST

You’ll hear from us regarding the first round of interviews by July 19th. They will endeavour to contact all qualified applicants with the status of their application at that time.

All interviews will be scheduled for one hour and conducted via Zoom on the following dates: July 26th, July 27th, and July 30th. All interviewees will be notified regarding hiring decisions by August 2nd.

All day training begins August 3rd, 4th, and 5th. They strongly encourage you to block these dates on your calendar when you apply for this role.

Additional training dates include:

August 24th, 25th and 26th: full day training.

Monday, September 13th from 11am – 12:30pm EST

Monday, September 20th from 11am – 12:30pm EST

Monday, September 27th from 11am – 12:30pm EST

Saturday, September 25th from 12-1:30pm EST

Attendance at all training days is required.

As your role begins attendance will be required at regular meetings, community events, and circles. Please note that due to the nature of their programming this includes regularly scheduled weekend availability (95% of all group live calls for participants are on Sundays). A full calendar for planning your year will be made available to you upon hire.

Application Instructions:

To apply for this position:

Take your personality assessment here:

Take this assessment:

Email us at with the following:

Subject Line: I want to be a mentor with Badass Girls!

Please write & organize your email with the following:

Your full name

Your location & time zone

Your assessment results from Steps 1 + 2 (for assessment #2, please include your Type, Inner Authority, and Profile)

An animated GIF that represents how applying for this position makes you feel.

On a scale of 0-10, how familiar are you with Badass Girls and their approach? If more than 0, what do you know about Eliza/the company?

What specific training, experience and/or degrees do you have that make you a good fit for this role? What training have you received in assessment, response, management, and referral of high risk issues with young people?

Are you interested in potentially becoming an Academy Lead or an Assistant to the Program Director this year as well as a Mentor?

What’s your approach to working with preteens and teens? What’s one thing you wish all facilitators of this age group knew?

What was your personal experience like in the preteen or teen years yourself? What (if anything) do you wish had been different about your experience? How have you healed, been supported or met those potentially unmet needs in yourself since then?

3 referrals for your work with preteens or teens

Share a concise story (3 paragraphs max) about a time you supported a preteen or teen through a difficult moment to resolution:

Question prompts:

What did they need?

How did you support them?

What did you say?

Why did it matter? (No example is too big or too small. Go with your gut and write from your heart).

After your signature, share a P.S. with us by answering the following question: what did you used to tell people you wanted to be when you grew up?

Please attach your resume

If you’ve applied and they feel it might be a good fit, they’ll contact you directly with next steps.

Their timeline for hiring for their ideal Mentors is by August 2nd, so please send in your application NO LATER THAN August 27th at 6pm EST.

They’re excited to hear from you!