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Job Description: The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer’s overarching responsibility is to employ her/his skills in our Pediatric HIV Program design, implementation, and dissemination, as a critical part of the larger HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment Program. We seek an M&E Officer who is comfortable working with adolescents and communities, and possesses a basic data analysis, public health, or monitoring and evaluation background.

The Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ) is an independent Zambian organization established in 2001 to improve healthcare for all Zambians through research, service, and training programs. The vision of CIDRZ is a Zambia and a region in which all have access to quality healthcare and enjoy best possible health including a life free of AIDS. The mission of CIDRZ is to improve access to quality health care in Zambia through innovative capacity development, exceptional implementation science, research, and impactful and sustainable public health programs. CIDRZ operates in four provinces: Lusaka, Eastern, Western, and Southern. All CIDRZ projects take place in the national public health system and are aimed at supporting quality, free, basic health care for all. We also emphasize quality monitoring and timely reporting in support of creating data-based strategies and improved implementation plans.

This position is part of the Global Health Corps fellowship. Global Health Corps (GHC) is a leadership development organization focused on building the next generation of diverse, disruptive global health leaders. Founded in 2009, we competitively recruit talented professionals (ages 21-30) from a range of sectors and backgrounds and place them in high-impact roles within partner organizations — including Clinton Health Access Initiative, Partners in Health, Planned Parenthood Global, and Government Ministries in Zambia, Rwanda, and Uganda — working on the front lines of health equity in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, the US, and Zambia.

Analyze the service delivery data provided by the CIDRZ data team and identify the successes and challenges of the program
Analyze the service delivery data and reports provided by the District teams, including Health Management Information System (HMIS), and identify the successes and challenges of the program
Provide feedback to District teams on the service delivery quality of care indicators and monitor progress of improvement
Develop and implement a dashboard design to improve data use for program improvement
Train CIDRZ and MoH personnel in data analysis and use

Skills and Experience
Items indicated with an asterisk (*) are required:
Bachelor’s degree*
Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in social science or health-related field
Strong qualitative/quantitative data management skills, including data collection, verification, and analysis*
High proficiency in Word and Excel*
Experience or familiarity with data display dashboards*
Experience summarizing data in accessible reports
Experience with statistical software packages, such as CS PRO, SAS, R, SPSS, STATA, or JMP
Experience with monitoring & evaluation, including data querying and informing program improvements, in a clinical or other relevant professional setting
Ability to understand and follow instructions precisely
Ability to communicate clearly and explain complex systems to non-technical personnel
Maintaining an established work schedule
Effectively using interpersonal and communication skills, including tact and diplomacy
Effectively using organizational and planning skills with attention to detail and follow through