New Behavioral and Human-Centered Designers and Researchers

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Open Call for New Behavioral and Human-Centered Designers and Researchers

Who are we?

GRID Impact is a global research, innovation and design collective that specializes in behavioral and human-centered approaches to complex social and economic challenges. Our hybrid methodology uses insights from applied behavioral science to enhance the innovative, adaptive and creative discipline of human centered design. GRID Impact is considered a leader in innovative, customer-centered product and service design and has pioneered the adaptation of human centered design and behavioral science to the Base of the Pyramid. To date, our work has focused on challenges in areas such as financial inclusion, global health, water and sanitation, alternative energy, agriculture and education.

The GRID Impact model allows independent consultants who specialize in a variety of domains and technical areas to work together under a collective structure and come together as interdisciplinary teams for social change. Member consultants are able to continue working independently but also have the opportunity to join GRID Impact project teams for specific engagements. This flexible and adaptable model allows GRID Impact to offer its partners hand- selected teams and tailored solutions.

What are we looking for?

We are growing quickly. We have new projects, new clients, new ambitions and new engagement models. We are working in new domains, in new countries, and with new partners. We are great at some things. There is a lot of room for improvement in other areas. The opportunities we are presented with are changing and we want to be adaptive and responsive to the kinds of creative, rigorous work we are being asked to do. We want to make sure we are giving our partners and clients the very best talent in the impact design space.

As some of you know, we’re a non-traditional organization who approaches just about everything in a non-traditional way. We are not posting a traditional job description. Instead, we are holding what casting directors in the performance arts might refer to as an “Open Call”. We want to meet new, talented researchers, designers, and makers interested in contributing to the impact design space.

There are a few types of people that are more likely a great fit for GRID Impact. We’ll do our best to describe them below. Think of these as personas. You don’t need to check every box in each of the following categories but the more boxes you check, the more likely it is the collective is for you. Reach out immediately!


You identify with one of the following personas:

The Designer

  1. A Researcher who can also make things or a Maker who can also conduct rigorous customer insight research. Maybe that means you’re an Interaction Designer or a Service Designer or a Visual Designer who can conduct excellent research. Or maybe that means you’re a Researcher who has special design talents. Whichever you identify as, you already have some experience in international development. You have experience prototyping and experimenting at different levels of fidelity. You are fluent in digital design tools, such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Sketch. You are able to convey concepts through wireframes, storyboards, and mockups. You’ve lived or worked abroad in Africa or Asia or Latin America for more than a couple of months. You have led or co-led workshops and trainings with non-designers on the human-centered design process and corresponding methodologies.

The Behavioralist

  1. An Applied Behavioral Researcher or Behavioral Designer with a strong foundation in behavioral science literature and evidence. You studied BE in school. You’ve read all the books. You read academic papers in your spare time and for fun. You’ve lived abroad in Africa or Asia or Latin America. But you are also creative and empathetic and are focused on designing the right solution for your clients, not the one that is best to test. You’ve worked abroad for more than a couple of months. You have led or co-led workshops and trainings with non-designers on behavioral design, behavioral science approaches and corresponding methodologies.

The Musts

You are passionate about social impact and using creative approaches to develop sustainable solutions. You have at least three years of professional and related experience. You bring energy and creativity to everything you do. You don’t mind long flights in Economy Class. You can travel internationally 25 – 50% of the time. You produce excellent work and expect others to as well. You love working with other people and are good at it. Working remotely doesn’t scare or bother you; in fact, you appreciate the novelty of a remote team. You’re compelling and articulate; you are able to explain complex concepts in simple ways and help others come along for the ride. You’re organized, efficient, and discerning. You have experience consulting with clients across different industries and domains and the ability to lead client meetings and presentations.

You have worked on a project in financial inclusion (think mobile money / digital finance, microfinance, CGAP, GSMA, etc.), agriculture (think smallholder farmers, small-scale technologes, iDE, One Acre Fund, MyAgro, etc.), health (think maternal health and family planning, PSI, Path, etc.), alternative energy (think solar, pay-as-you-go, Off Grid Electric, d.Light, etc.), or education (think Bridges Academy, financing for education in developing economies, etc.).


MAJOR Bonus Points

You speak French. Fluently. Meaning, you can work in a foreign language. Not like you learned it in high school and it might come back to you. You really speak it.

You identify with one of those personas. Now what?

Please email the following materials to The subject of your email should read with “Open Call: Designer / Behavioralist.”

  • A short but compelling cover email explaining why you are interested in getting involved and what you think your best assets are. If you have experience with conducting design research, designing and/or prototype testing mobile interfaces, or applying behavioral insights to international development work, please highlight this in your email. No spelling mistakes or typos, please.
  • A Portfolio of your work. This could mean your resume/CV plus a paper you wrote or a website you use to showcase your design work or a link to your LinkedIn profile. We are curious to learn how you think, what experiences you’ve had, how you display your creativity or analytical nature. Please send whatever combination of materials you think would help us understand you and the skills you can bring to GRID Impact and can be reviewed in less than 10 minutes. Resume/CV/the equivalent is a definite.
  • Tell us one country you’d love to work in.
  • Tell us one “problem” in the world you’d love to work to solve.
  • Finally, tell us something weird or unique or funny about yourself. Remind us you’re a 
human with a personal story. 🙂

We may not be able to reply to every email we receive and we apologize in advance. If we’re interested in learning more, we’ll send you an email and let you know what the next steps are.

We can’t wait to hear from you!