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EnAccess is looking for a digital-savvy professional to design and lead the EnAccess Open Source Energy Access (OSEA) Community. Their aim is to have this online community become a leading voice in repository and promote open source innovations in energy access. You will be the first point of contact for online community members/users of innovations, responsible for developing a reliable, transparent and trustworthy relationship with the community.

To be successful in this role you will need to be a people’s person, have a deep passion for responding to online members’ needs, and understand the energy access sector. You should constantly stay abreast of new developments and opportunities in the industry and be a strategic thinker. Theywe are looking for an outgoing personality, as in-person networking will play an important role.

OSEA Community Manager Responsibilities:
Design the architecture/concept of the online web forum/platform to promote open source source energy access innovations through an online community called open source energy access (OSEA) community. The platform design should focus on the overall user experience, including providing access to the innovation projects, their background and detailed materials;
Actively engage and respond to comments and requests on OSEA among community members regarding existing innovations and challenges in adopting them;
Analyse and identify new innovation trends based on the community conversations representing sectoral challenges and needs;
Guide community members on the process to apply for innovation funding on the EnAccess website;
Turn OSEA community members into active users and advocates;
Grow the EnAccess OSEA community to become the leading platform for open source innovations in energy access;
Actively scout innovations not yet part of the OSEA platform and attract them to become active members of the community;
Actively work and liaise with the marketing team on public communication and outreach;
Develop outreach plan to boost adoption of OSEA innovations by other companies in the sector;
Share community feedback to relevant internal stakeholders;
Attend networking events or relevant industry forums;
Track and report results and outcomes of all activities above.

Minimum of 2 years of experience in managing community forums is a must;
Knowledge of alternative online platforms typically used to manage online communities;
Strong written and verbal communication skills;
Evidence based community-building and/or engaging skills;
Knowledge of basic online presence metrics concepts;
Ability to connect online presence metrics to OSEA ones to create to success metrics;
Ability to identify key trends in the technology and energy access sector;
Superb time management and organizational skills;
Independent and self-motivated to lead the community while keeping the team informed about progress;
Flexibility to work outside office hours, as necessary;
Outgoing personality to actively participate to networking events;
Experience and/or knowledge of Human Centered Design principles is an asset.

EnAccess is a non-profit organization that is creating an open source library of knowledge, tools, and concepts for the benefit of energy access organizations around the world. EnAccess saves organisations time and money by funding business and technological innovations that act as building blocks in expediting the universal access of energy services. More details about their approach and impact:

The OSEA Community
EnAccess has proven the merits and role of open source energy access innovation in expediting universal energy access. Going forward, EnAccess is expanding its coordinating role to further the reach and impact of OSEA in the Energy Access sector; for this reason, EnAccess is building an outstanding community to inform, engage and advocate active players in the sector and promote the use of OSEA innovations.

Additional Information

Interested candidates are also requested to read the medium blog .

EnAccess is removing barriers to increase the reach of innovations in energy access which will help more players participate in the sector and working towards universal access to clean energy! They are looking for enthusiast of energy access but with customer centricity!