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For questions, please email to: talent@rework.jobsIf you would like to apply for this job, please visit this page: http://bit.ly/1SWTgvsApplication Deadline: Monday, August 31st at midnight EST

If you would like to apply for this job, please visit this page:  http://bit.ly/1SWTgvs
Application Deadline: Monday, August 31st at midnight EST



Exygy works with the world’s leading change-makers to design and build exceptional software. For example: The UN World Food Program, the City of San Francisco, Google.org, the Wikimedia Foundation, and the Environmental Working Group. We are committed to outstanding human-centered design and standards-driven lean development. That allows us to create fantastic products that help our clients create change.

We aspire to design and build meaningful things that create or empower change, at scale. We build customized web and mobile sites and applications. We currently solve most of our clients’ technical needs with WordPress and Ruby on Rails. Our work was awarded as one of the Best Mobile Apps of 2014 by Fast.Co Design.



Working directly with the CEO and CCO, the Operations Coordinator will play a vital role on the Exygy team. You’ll be the glue that holds the team together, manages the office in San Francisco, and helps coordinate the moving parts of the company. You’ll take the nerves out of our nerve center. You will work with a core team of engineers and designers and report to the CCO. If this is right for you, you will thrive in fast-paced environments and get fulfillment out of making others’ problems go away.

You are ambitious. And so, you’ll be motivated to jump in and take on responsibility from day one. You will be our lieutenant and ensure that all Exygy’s ducks are in a row. As our gate keeper and proxy decision maker, you will be a leader in both internal and external communications by speaking on the executive team’s behalf to staff, clients, and other stakeholders.

As an integral member of a small, fast-growing, and driven organization, you will see the direct effects of your work and you will be expected to contribute new ideas and perspective. We’re looking for someone to come onboard and own this role, excel in this role, and who wants new responsibility as we continue to scale.




The Outcomes From Your Work in this Role

  • You will work to achieve our mission: to design exceptional software for the world’s leading change makers.
  • You will lift up our team, clients, and partners who are aligned with a common purpose of improving our community and environment.
  • You will contribute your ideas and perspective to our long term goals, helping us achieve our goals together.
  • You will join the core team of a fast-growing organization and continue to rapidly grow your role with us.



How This Role Will Help You Develop as a Professional

  • You will hone your ability to manage up and help shape priorities for our leadership.
  • You will work with a team of energetic, positive people who are results-oriented and pursuing excellence.
  • You will have space to strengthen your various talents, specifically your project management and logistics skills, excelling at the details.
  • You will build deep professional relationships with our internal team and external stakeholders.



The Tangible and Intangible Perks and Benefits of This Role

  • You will receive a generous salary and benefits package with room for growth.
  • You will work with a great amount of autonomy on a small team of energetic smart people.
  • You will work in San Francisco, a vibrant city full of diverse culture and a stone’s throw away from natural beauty and recreation.



Organizational Development

  • Empowering the team to meet critical deadlines and complete projects with excellent quality.
  • Contributing to the idea generation that drives the strategic vision and mission of Exygy.
  • Ensuring efficient office operations, and helping build a strong team culture through the design and execution of staff and office-wide initiatives; e.g. organizing team lunches, managing our office redesign project.



  • Managing the Executive Team’s day-to-day calendar and proactively looking for ways to increase their efficiency.
  • Planning, managing, and executing tasks on behalf of the Executive Team including contact and database upkeep, mailings, and other key operational tasks.
  • Playing air traffic controller by reacting to incoming email inquiries and by maintaining a schedule that is sustainable in pace and scope, taking into account unforeseen obligations and variables.



  • Interfacing with staff and stakeholders on behalf of the Executive Team, both in the office and by drafting internal and external correspondence.
  • Supporting the CEO and CCO in managing and prioritizing critical correspondence.
  • Overseeing logistics for meetings led by and including the Executive Team (including retreats, team meetings, board meetings and/or special meetings and projects that support organizational goals).



  • A Creative Problem Solver – Be industrious. Be inquisitive. Seek efficiency.
  • A Natural Detective – Dig into details. Uncover truths. Put together clues with your superb detective and research skills and discover new insights.
  • An Exceptional Project Manager – Plan according to timelines. Empower your team members to hit deadlines and keep projects on point.
  • A Logistics Genius – Live in the details. Be multiple steps ahead. Anticipate hiccups and be well equipped to jump into action.
  • A Trusted Communicator – Communicate exceptionally. Build strong relationships and earn respect and trust. Build organizational culture.
  • A Tech Savvy Explorer – Embrace new technological tools. Discover new ways to improve inefficiencies.
  • A Strategic Juggler – Balance multiple responsibilities. Think and act strategically. Be poised in ambiguity. Use good judgement.
  • A Self-Aware Reflector – Understand yourself. Listen. Empathize with your team.



Please complete the following application. Priority will be given to those applications submitted by 11:59pm PST on Monday, August 31, 2015; therefore we encourage you to submit yours soon!

These short-answer questions are designed to replace a cover letter, please take your time with them and copy in your answers from a separate document. If you are chosen as a finalist, you will first be interviewed by ReWork and then by Exygy leadership. The final step in the hiring process will be to arrange personal reference calls to confirm details of your work history and performance.



You’ll be invited to join our growing team in San Francisco. If you have any questions about the role, please feel free to email us at talent@rework.jobs.  We look forward to reading your application!