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All Star Code (ASC) is a youth education nonprofit-startup dedicated to closing the opportunity gap between young men of color and the tech industry. ASC prepares high school males of color (14 – 17 years old) for tech careers through providing mentorship, industry exposure, and training in Computer Science (CS). Unlike most coding programs that focus solely on CS skills, we teach our students interpersonal skills in a tech startup context.

Through year-round events, our 6-week Summer Intensive program, and ongoing alumni activities, young men of color gain the skills, networks, and system know-how needed to become the next generation of tech leaders. Ultimately, our alumni will establish tech careers that boost American innovation, create jobs, equalize opportunity, and help companies leverage the untapped talent of minority communities.


Founded in 2013
Offices in NYC at the Center for Social Innovation.
Featured in Fast Company, the New York Times, Bloomberg, PBS NewsHour, and Al Jazeera America.


As our Operations Manager you will be a key architect of the future of our organization as we scale rapidly at the forefront of tech education. Working closely with leadership, you will creatively translate big picture objectives into sustainable systems that will enable our team to work more effectively internally and externally as we grow.

You are a passionate, entrepreneurial self-starter who prioritizes organization and efficiency. New productivity tools excite you and so you always are on the hunt for the best one that will make your team’s job easier; yet, you know a well-organized spreadsheet is always one of the most reliable tools in your tool belt. You self-identify as a systems thinker, knowing it accurately illustrates your ability to generate solutions by creatively approaching complex challenges. Above all else, you’re committed to blending  your career goals with making an impact, and you’re excited to contribute to the success of All Star Code’s mission.


Financial and People Management

Performing basic accounts payable and accounts receivable functions including but not limited to: handling payroll, managing reimbursements and all credit card receipts, and distributing invoices.
Preparing finance reports for Board meetings, including cash flow analysis and budget reconciliations.
Assisting the Executive Director & Board of Directors with financial planning, including supporting development of the annual budget and working with internal and external finance teams to prepare annual audit.
Overseeing human resource management including employee benefits, drafting offer letters, and onboarding new employees.
Managing the adequacy and integrity of financial operations and compliance (e.g. workers compensation insurance, liability insurance, etc.)
Organizational Development

Developing & maintaining positive relationships with vendors and contractors.
Investigating and deepening partnerships for future ASC space needs (workshops, extended programming, and internal workspace for the team).
Implementing organizational processes & systems to increase effective communication and knowhow across departments.
Assisting with program operations and logistics including space, food, and other vendor-based interactions.


Who is a(n)…

Hungry Learner: You eagerly dive into everything you do with gusto, excited to tackle new challenges and humbled with lessons learned. You have 2-5 years of operations experience and are excited to take on more responsibility with this next step in your career.
Excel Magician: You believe that complex problems and systems are best tackled with detailed, thorough, and well-organized data, knowing it is the only way to understand the truest version of the story.
Systems Guru: When there are many moving pieces, your natural resourcefulness and creativity allows you to easily see trends and come up with out-of-the-box solutions that bring efficiencies to any process.
Trusted Communicator: You communicate exceptionally. You’re known for building strong relationships and earning respect and trust among your teammates.
Multi-Tasking Expert: You’re exceptionally organized and able to juggle competing priorities well. Using your sound judgement to balance responsibilities, you actively seek new ways to contribute value in ambiguous environments.
Ambitious Altruist: You are an ambitious professional who holds your career to high standards, while never compromising your commitment to making a larger impact through your work. You are excited to devote the next chapter of your career to helping All Star Code scale to the next phase of our organization.


Please complete the following application. We\’ll be reviewing applications on a rolling basis with priority given to early applicants. These short-answer questions are designed to replace a cover letter, please take your time with them and copy in your answers from a separate document. If you are chosen as a potential candidate, you will first be interviewed by ReWork and then by the All Star Code team. The final step in the hiring process will be to arrange personal reference calls to confirm details of your work history and performance.


If you have any questions about the role, please feel free to email us at talent@rework.jobs. We look forward to reading your application!

Additional Information

If you would like to apply for this job, please visit this page: http://bit.ly/1kPWjMl

Application Deadline: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis with priority given to early applicants.