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Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN)
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About the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN)

Social entrepreneurs are passionate people who relentlessly nurture and grow entrepreneurial solutions to the world’s toughest problems. Social entrepreneurship is generating ever increasing interest, as an innovative and sustainable approach to development, job creation and poverty alleviation. If we want to harness the full potential of social entrepreneurship, we need to join forces to accelerate and scale up social change.

We believe that one of the key solutions is to give more attention to the early-stage social entrepreneurship ecosystem, where need and potential are high but resources are limited.

The Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN) is the global network for organisations supporting early stage social entrepreneurs.

“We envision a world where people find it easy to get support to start and thrive as social entrepreneurs, wherever they are.”

Like no other network, GSEN gathers expert organisations active in more than 50 countries across the globe, supporting social entrepreneurs with a range of approaches.

We bring organisations together to understand and share what works in supporting social entrepreneurs. We create a strong community of practice based on evidence backed quality standards. As a result, GSEN members become more efficient in providing higher quality support to social entrepreneurs. They are also able to support more of them to start up, grow and create sustainable social impact.

We are a collaborative, peer-to-peer network connecting member organisations and resources around the world to foster a better support ecosystem for social entrepreneurs, especially those at early stages. We create a space for invaluable learning and knowledge exchange; building a community based on cooperation and trust.

Why join GSEN

GSEN was launched and is incubated by UnLtd. UnLtd is the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs and the largest provider of support to social entrepreneurs in the world. UnLtd’s mission is to reach out and unleash the energies of people who can transform the world in which they live: we call these people social entrepreneurs. Since 2003, UnLtd has supported over 23,000 social entrepreneurs, with over £73 million of financial and non-financial support to social entrepreneurs across the UK.

GSEN is a community and a global movement, based on mutual support and true cooperation.

We are a part of a global revolution. Our work is pioneering. We spot and disseminate new social innovations. We facilitate cross-pollination of best practices. We inspire others to support social entrepreneurs, develop new support structures, knowledge and learning to help create more impact.

GSEN is one of the most exciting international initiatives around, using highly innovative models and crowdsourcing the intelligence our sector needs. It represents an exceptional opportunity for a candidate to grasp this role and contribute to truly major impact.

GSEN is a start-up and yet already a global initiative.

GSEN has just celebrated its second anniversary and has achieved a lot since its foundation. It has become the go-to networks for early stage social entrepreneur support organisations, gathering organisations working in more than 50 countries around shared values, goals and vision, creating strategic partnerships with global players, hosting high profile events and creating value for many.

But more needs to be done and delivered before GSEN truly achieving its mission: enabling support organisations around the world to become increasingly sustainable and effective in helping more social entrepreneurs start and thrive.

If you too believe that we are stronger together, join us!

Your role

Your role as GSEN Operations Manager will be simple: enable GSEN to deliver.

Your role will be to create value for GSEN members, design and deliver projects with partners and funders, support the growth of GSEN and manage operations and processes. You will ensure that GSEN keeps creating great value for its main stakeholders and the social entrepreneurship sector as a whole. Your will work closely with the International and GSEN Manager (acting as CEO) to support with the growth and development of GSEN.

  1. Create value for GSEN members

    … Through services and projects

    GSEN member organisations are at the heart of our work: they support amazing individuals who will change the world, and we support them. You will develop a deep understanding of their work and challenges. In the process of doing so, you will identify opportunities which could significantly accelerate value creation for GSEN members. For instance you could design services to help GSEN members around common challenges they face, such as fundraising and revenue generation, talent attraction, data collection, or impact measurement. You will design, plan, pilot, manage and deliver such projects, in partnership with GSEN members and other stakeholders. You will work closely with the International and GSEN Manager to raise adequate funding for those projects.

    … Through content

    You will work closely with the GSEN Communications and Membership Manager, who is regularly connecting with members and can support you in interacting with them. You will identify expertise, best practices, and innovations from within or outside the network. You will contribute to develop content based on those, to help GSEN members address their day-to day challenges and create more impact.

  2. Support the growth of GSEN

    Thanks to your global understanding of GSEN members, you will help the International and GSEN Manager identify the most relevant business development opportunities. You will also support the International and GSEN Manager in the process of designing and submitting business development proposals and fundraising applications, which will aim to support the development of core GSEN activities and create increasing value for members.

  3. Manage operations and processes

    GSEN is a growing network with a small coordinating team. You will implement and oversee processes which will enable the GSEN team to deliver more value with similar resources (e.g.: streamlining the membership fee collection process). This means that all services delivered to members and communications with them are consistent, value creating and relevant.

    On average it is expected that you spend 50% of your time on creating value for members, 40% on supporting the growth of GSEN and 10% on managing operations and processes, although this will evolve over time.

    GSEN is a recent initiative, this is a new role created within the current GSEN coordination team, to enable GSEN to achieve success. This role is therefore for you to develop, shape and make sustainable. Depending on your achievements and GSEN’s income growth, your role can grow very fast, managing additional resources to deliver further outcomes and services.

    This is a unique opportunity to be part of something that is shaping the future of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

    You will have the opportunity to meet and work with the leaders of the sector, getting exposure to the most advanced knowledge about social entrepreneurship.

    This is an intellectually stimulating role, with high responsibility and incredible potential for growth.

    About you

  4. You are a dynamic passionate person, who is inspired about creating social good.

  5. You are resourceful and hands-on at the same time.

  6. You thrive in an always evolving, fast paced environment.

  7. You are an incredible project manager who pays attention to the smallest details and you go the extra mile to deliver incredible value to your key stakeholders/customers.

  8. You are flexible and responsive to demands, taking a pro-active approach to projects

  9. You are able to take responsibility for tight timelines, and multitasking is your second nature.

  10. You are able to manage a complex workload and prioritise among a number of tasks.

  11. You are a doer and an overachiever, taking initiatives to make things happen

  12. You understand complex issues, which you are able to quickly synthesise and communicate in a clear manner for others.

  13. You create great relationships with people you interact with and demonstrate communication skills in all circumstances, with the ability to influence at all levels

  14. You are a team player, bringing your own personal touch to a great team dynamic

  15. You have an entrepreneurial spirit, and you want to contribute to grow an international start-up initiative.

  16. You have a proactive attitude towards learning and professional development.

    Person Specification


  17. At least three years of relevant work experience (e.g.: consultancy, project management, etc.)

  18. Experience and demonstrated success in managing and delivering projects

  19. Experience in working in an international environment

  20. Experience and understanding of the social entrepreneurship sector and its challenges

  21. Outstanding written English and exceptional verbal and communication skills

  22. Ability and willingness to work outside of traditional 9 to 5 hours, including evenings and international travels


  • A graduate degree or equivalent in a related subject

  • Experience of developing content and/or services for “customers”

  • Experience in working in the international development sector

  • Experience in business development or in fundraising for international projects (from international foundations, international development agencies, corporate foundations…)

  • Experience in delivering work in partnership with other organisations

  • Managerial experience

Job descriptions cannot be exhaustive and the post-holder may be required to undertake other duties, which are broadly in line with the above key responsibilities.

Please note that UnLtd is unable to sponsor visas for applicants who do not have the right to work in the UK for this role. It is therefore essential that all applicants interested in this role have the right to work in the UK.

Recruitment process

The closing date for applications is 10.00am on 21st October 2015, at 10.00am.

  • First Round of Interviews: Wednesday 28th October 2015.

  • Second Round of Interviews for Successful Candidates: Tuesday 3rd November 2015 in London