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Job information

?      Title: President, Nuru Social Enterprises

?      Department: Social Enterprises

?      Reports to: CEO

?      Location: Minimum 50% in East Africa (Isibania, Kenya; Kisumu, Kenya; others as required) and 50% at the Nuru International hub office in Orange County, CA, USA

?      Employment type: Full-time with benefits

?      Term: Open-ended contract

?      Start Date: September 1, 2015


Job Overview

Financial sustainability is a critical component of the Nuru model. Nuru Social Enterprises (NSE) exists to fill that function of the model. NSE acts as the economic engine that fuels the sustaining and growth of Nuru’s non-profit integrated community development model in each country we operate in, so that the local team can continue empowering communities in the region out of extreme poverty permanently – leveraging regional markets in lieu of philanthropy. At Nuru, we believe that regional market forces are more sustainable than dependence on philanthropic subsidies in the long-run. NSE’s vision and mission are in direct support of Nuru International’s greater vision and mission statement.

The President casts vision and drives strategy and operations for NSE, Nuru International’s for-profit strategy striving to attain complete financial sustainability for the organization. We are looking for a leader to:

?      Lead the proof of concept and global scale-up of the NSE model.

?      Manage, grow and develop the SE department (full budget responsibility, currently five direct reports)                                                                                          

?      Drive profitability of Nuru Kenya Social Enterprises to achieve complete financial sustainability of Nuru Kenya by the end of 2018.

?      Launch Social Enterprises to support Nuru International expansion to its third and fourth country projects.

?      Become a thought leader for Nuru in the space of social enterprises and impact investing.

?      Work with CEO, COO, and DIO as a member of the Strategic Leadership Team, the head decision-making body for the organization.


This is a complex position and requires working and collaborating with several decision makers in the organization.

?      Domestically: You will work closely with the COO and Corporate Department heads (HR, Development, Communications, and Finance) to ensure the effective and efficient allocation and use of human and financial resources in support of NSE’s support mission for Nuru International. Collaborate with the Director of International Operations and the Leadership Program Director to continue refining the Nuru Model. Work with the CEO on vision, strategy and overall direction of NSE as Nuru International scales globally.

?      Internationally: Lead and manage all Social Enterprise Business Consultants, Associates, Analysts, and their local counterparts to scale SE businesses in Kenya and beyond. Collaborate with Team Leaders and Country Directors of the non-profit entities to ensure mission alignment, effective communication, and sharing of resources where appropriate.

We just achieved three major milestones at Nuru International with the exit of expat staff from Nuru Kenya in June, the scale-up of Nuru Kenya operations to new districts led by the Kenyan team independent of expat involvement, and the completion of the co-creation of the four Impact Programs in Nuru Ethiopia. The organizational priority is now shifting to the final component of proof of concept of the Nuru Model – the successful scale-up of Nuru Kenya Social Enterprises (NKSE) to fully fund the ongoing work of Nuru Kenya at approximately $1.5m – $1.7m annually. Our goal is to achieve this final milestone for the model by the end of 2018.

NSE has been the most difficult piece of the model to create and scale to successful proof of concept. We have made significant progress on the model over the last year. Early stages of NSE (then called the IGA Program) included a single (very volatile) business line in maize trading. In 2014 and 2015, tremendous value was added by diversifying to three main business lines, adding rigor and structure to investment criteria and business processes, and creating a brand for NSE.

At this stage of development for NKSE, we have three successful pilot business lines that are ready to be scaled up. To achieve this growth and reach scale, close supervision and leadership are needed and will require the President to spend a minimum of 50% of his/her time in East Africa at the various business locations.



?      Bachelors degree in Business, Finance, or related field

?      MBA preferred


?      Must have 4-6 years of business experience in developing markets, preferably East Africa

?      Startup for-profit, hybrid, or other social enterprise experience required

?      3-5 years experience in challenging leadership roles

?      2-3 years experience in building the leadership capacity of local national partners

?      Experience in pitching and working with impact investors

?      Experience managing a minimum of $5MM annual budget

?      Prior experience in launching and/or managing a livestock business


?      Strong leadership and management skills

?      Strong financial modeling skills

?      Ability to build and grow effective partnerships

?      Very effective verbal and written communications skills

?      Effective presentation skills using various media

?      Demonstrated ability to learn new languages at a level of basic proficiency


?      Adapt easily to rapidly changing work environments

?      Demonstrates strong servant leader characteristics

?      Able to give and receive feedback effectively

?      Clear passion for service and fighting social injustice

?      Operates effectively in high-stress situations

?      Capable of making important decisions in a timely manner with successful outcomes on limited

?      Very personable – easily gains the trust and confidence of others.

You will be successful in this role if you can: lead, inspire, and motivate your SE teams to drive relentlessly toward established profitability targets; collaborate and communicate openly and effectively both internally (with your team, the SLT, and Team Leaders) and externally with potential partners, customers, suppliers, academics, and investors; are patient listener, good at receiving feedback, and effective at building trust and confidence among team members in your capabilities and the fundamental importance of NSE.

Working Conditions

?      International and domestic travel to visit country projects and investors and partners. The trips can be physically challenging and occasionally uncomfortable (basic transportation, accommodation: communal living). Security and safety is generally not a concern in current Nuru countries (Ethiopia, Kenya) but there is always the risk of hazards (e.g. traffic, local unrest)

?      Nuru team members’ living conditions and travel logistics are modest and in line with our organizational core values – including using public transportation when possible, staying in modest but safe hotels, coach class air travel, and simple expat compound living in country

?      Fast paced and evolving work environment

Job Responsibilities


?      Develop and implement the strategy for the holding company and the portfolio strategy

?      Own the Financial Sustainability Ratio for each country project, and push each country project/SE partnership toward financial sustainability and FSR exit criteria. This involves driving SE strategy and operations, but also effective collaboration with country projects to help advise on efficient strategies to streamline costs of the country projects

?      Work with legal teams to create capital structures and shareholder agreements for Nuru SE in each country that optimize profitability and legally secure future funding and growth of the country project after Nuru International exit

?      Advise CEO on corporate and legal structure for Nuru International and NSE that optimizes acquisition of capital, profitability of SE, clear command and control, clear decision-making, incentives for growth and profitability, and social impact of the Nuru Model

?      Ensure that all NSE entities are aligned with Nuru International’s overall vision, Core Values, Code of Conduct, and culture

?      Develop and optimize a strategy to support financial sustainability of Nuru’s projects in highly fragile countries

General management

?      Lead and manage the SE team through Nuru International exit in each country. This includes ensuring that they have effective mentorship, professional development, proper compensation incentives in place, access to seed and growth capital, and access to interns and consultants who will assist in accelerating the growth of the company to profitability

?      Lead, manage, and mentor business consultants assigned to work alongside SE leadership in each country and any local SE leaders in absentia of expat staff

?      Lead and manage NSE corporate team and strategy as the company grows

?      Support recruiting and hiring of local and international SE team members


?      Work with SE leadership to create and implement a diversified, sustainable, and scalable business strategy that will facilitate Nuru International exit from each country within seven years

?      Lead all financial modeling initiatives for Nuru SE. In particular design a comprehensive financial model to accurately describe the Social Enterprises operational model in each country that can be used as a basis to make strong, informed, data-based decisions for the social enterprises and the country projects.

?      Manage the delivery of accurate quarterly forecast reports to the CEO and maintain a strong understanding of NSE’s overall financial position as well as forecast

?      Work closely with Team Leaders and Country Directors to ensure effective collaboration and communication between SE and the country project in each country. This includes close coordination during annual budgeting processes and budget tracking to ensure the country project is operating within the limits of SE projected profits and ensure that SE can provide adequate capital to facilitate the implementation and scaling of the country project impact

?      Ensure effective business and investment processes are in place to support high quality market research, business pan development and investment selection

?      Own NSE brand and communications strategy. Coordinate with Strategic Communications Director to ensure alignment with Nuru International

Thought Leadership

?      Stay current on latest theories and practice in the impact investing and social enterprise spaces to become a thought leader representing Nuru in those areas

?      Develop and publish peer-reviewed articles, op-eds, and blogs on Nuru’s approach to financially sustainable community development

?      Collaborate with Strategic Communications Director to drive strategy for NSE blog posts from country projects and make final edits to blogs

?      Represent Nuru Social Enterprises at conferences, speaking engagements, and donor events

Organizational Leadership

?      Work closely with the Director of International Operations (DIO), M&E Director, and the Leadership Director to enable efficiency and effectiveness of the Nuru Model design and operation

?      Collaborate effectively with the CEO, COO and DIO as a member of the Strategic Leadership Team and contribute meaningfully to the strategic decision-making process and effective execution of organizational strategy

?      Collaborate with DIO on country selection for global scale-up via Nuru’s direct scaling strategy

?      Collaborate with COO to complete NSE planning process requirements for Nuru International budgeting and strategic planning processes

?      Collaborate with COO to ensure fair and equitable hiring practices, compensation strategies, and performance management practices for NSE

External Relations

?      Professionally and favorably represent Nuru International to investors, governments, media, funds, academic institutions, and corporations as required

?      Support CEO and COO in seeking grant capital to support NSE’s growth strategy

?      Take the lead (with the CEO and COO in direct support) in seeking capital from impact investors to seed and grow Nuru SE in each country

?      Advise the CEO and Board of Directors on NSE’s financial and overall health.

              ?      Interface with donors as needed, and support marketing and development activities

              ?      Contribute NSE section for required reports and proposal.

General Competencies and Behaviors

?      Fully comply with our Code of Conduct and policies – live our values

?      Meet general professional expectations for all Nuru staff

?      Become recognized as a model servant leader in the organization

?      Deliver very high quality products directly and through your teams in a timely manner

?      Use feedback to develop your teams and to grow as a professional

?      Be proactive and independent – take initiative and be able to operate effectively on “commander’s             intent” with little supervision

?      “Getting the job done” – even if this means long/unusual hours

?      Operate calmly and decisively in high stress situations

?      Hold your team or those working with you accountable for their actions – set expectations up front