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ImpactUs Marketplace LLC Seeks:
Vice President of Due Diligence and Sourcing

Who is ImpactUs?
ImpactUs Marketplace helps connect investors with mission-driven institutions in the U.S. and around the globe who are working to improve their communities through sustainable agriculture, microfinance, and/or facilitating access to affordable basic services including housing, healthcare, and education. By leveraging financial technology ImpactUs makes it easy to invest in the work of these institutions, offering the potential for financial returns with a purpose. Investors and their advisors can source, evaluate, transact, and monitor impact investments with a wide variety of risk and return profiles — at no cost — all in a secure, reliable, online environment.

The firm and associates value: integrity, resourcefulness, results, civic engagement, transparency, diversity, collaboration, and excellence. Inspired by a history of cross-sector collaboration, led by highly experienced staff, and built on leading technologies, the online marketplace will expand impact investing opportunities, simplify investment processes, increase efficiency, and lower transactions costs. We believe that the application of technology, policy, and innovation can unlock a powerful new stream of investment into the long-standing challenges and emerging opportunities in the financial and social sectors.

The VP Due Diligence and Sourcing role oversees the investment due diligence, sourcing and strategic development processes and is critical to upholding the philosophy, quality, and compliance standards of FINRA, SEC, ImpactUs and its stakeholders.

Job components:
1) Investment Strategy and Execution: articulates and implements investment frameworks, strategies and tactics relevant to ImpactUs Marketplace listing, sourcing and future innovations to industry stakeholders. Troubleshoots and finds solutions for impediments to scaling and diversifying ImpactUs platform investments.
2) Deal Sourcing: Leverages existing and new relationships, partnerships, and direct sourcing to help create a robust pipeline of new deals appropriate for the ImpactUs platform. (VP of Client Engagement also has significant role in deal sourcing.)
3) Due Diligence: Manages and enhances due diligence policies and execution to provide high quality reasonable due diligence on all investment listings, including Due Diligence Committee convening with final listing decisions by Firm’s licensed Principals.
4) Thought Leadership: Gleans, synthesizes, and disseminates innovations, insights, and information gained though ImpactUs experience and data. Periodically publishes, participates in interviews, and speaks at conferences to represent ImpactUs and its learnings. Explores innovations that could drive product innovations and partnerships to further scale ImpactUs and the impact industry.

Investment Strategy and Execution
•       Articulate investment strategy to further scale and offer a broad range of investments
•       Troubleshoot, identify and implement solutions to ImpactUs investment impediments
•       Monitor and track the evolution of the Regulation A space overall and as it relates to Impact Investing.
•       Help determine the appropriate role for ImpactUs in the “Title III crowdfunding” space.
•       Research strategy considerations such as compensation, regulation, ethics, and alignment with integrity of the brand.
•       Manage quality control of third-party referral sources and other sources of investment listings or capital.
•       Create internal tracking, operating, and correspondence systems to ensure that all investment leads, referral partners, and others are addressed in a timely manner.
•       Maintain high quality documentation in support of FINRA and operational requirements.
•       Other topics as requested by CEO or Board.

Deal Sourcing
•       Build out initial deal sourcing strategy including identification and targeting of high quality partners and sources of deals that represent and reflect the breadth of offerings sought by a range of impact investors.
•       Develop and manage direct and indirect relationships critical to the deal flow and pipeline.
•       Attend conferences and industry events to source deal flow.
Due Diligence
•       Build out initial due diligence framework and strategy including identification, selection and management of third party (outsourced) due diligence contractors.
•       Perform initial high level, and when applicable, secondary nuanced due diligence investment pre-screen in preparation for more detailed Financial Offering Review phase
•       Manage all aspects of internal and third party due diligence process quality control.
•       Coordinate due diligence background check with ImpactUs compliance department.
•       Conduct social/environmental impact screen and summary report on all listings.
•       If not conducted by third party contractors, review issue term and conditions. Review PPM/offering documents for material risks and facts disclosed.
•       Convene Due Diligence Committee. Respond promptly to all Due Diligence Committee inquiries pre and post meetings.
•       Communicate Due Diligence Committee decisions to listing applicant institution and provide constructive feedback when and if listening not approved.
•       Conduct, or supervise contractors\’/associates’ quarterly monitoring for material changes of approved issuers for duration of offerings listed on ImpactUs platform.
•       Develop and/or map internal ImpactUs umbrella risk rating system to incorporate third-party contractors’ risk rating systems.
•       Build framework or algorithm incorporating impact considerations into new and responsible ways to address suitability and due diligence with risk profiles of the range of investor and issuance types.
•       Perform annual due diligence review of all third party due diligence contractors
Thought Leadership
•       Represent ImpactUs and industry thought leadership as expert voice to media, via publications, and speaking at conferences.
•       Work alongside and in partnership with industry leaders to help drive product innovations and processes that help scale industry offerings.
•       Identifies the insights arising from the unique transactions and listing information available through the marketplace.
•       Seeks opportunities for shared collaboration in areas such as due diligence, valuations, etc.

•       15+ years financial services or impact investing experience
•       Graduate degree in business or finance
•       Impact investing due diligence and/or underwriting experience
•       Financial analysis of debt, equity, fund, and project finance transactions
•       Impact investment decision-making experience
•       Strong understanding of social impact and performance analysis
•       Strong network of deal and capital sourcing relationships a plus
•       Experience presenting analysis and recommendations to Investment Committees and Licensed Principals of the firm.
•       Excellent project management skills
•       Supervisory experience
•       Ability to establish and manage deal sourcing and due diligence work processes
•       Excellent client and relationship management skills
•       Domestic and international impact investing or financial services experience required
•       Publications, spokesperson, and public speaking experience
•       Entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility to work in a start-up
•       Demonstrated commitment to: integrity, resourcefulness, results, civic engagement, transparency, diversity, collaboration, and excellence.
Working Conditions:
•       Duties are performed in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and collaborative office environment
•       Initial office in Washington, DC

ImpactUs is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace diversity as a guiding principle as well as an investment concept. Interested and qualified candidates should send resume and cover letter to