Product Manager, MIX Market

Deadline for Applications
Where to Apply
Qualified candidates should e-mail a cover letter and résumé to and mention “Product Manager MIX Market” in the subject line. The position closing date is July 31, 2015.


In order to achieve these goals, the Product Manager will have responsibility for:


  1. Owning MIX Market platforms and products.  This responsibility includes:
    1. Delivering the product and ensuring that the proper systems, training, guidelines, business knowledge and staffing are in place
    2. Establishing quality controls and target metrics for all MIX Market products
    3. Managing product improvements, in conjunction with the user communities and technology team to ensure proper functioning of MIX Market product and platform features
  2. Delivering client satisfaction.  This responsibility includes:
    1. Leading new client on-boarding to create engagement and product satisfaction
    2. Setting client engagement goals and systems in conjunction with marketing and sales to monitor and support product uptake
    3. Engaging user communities, such as the MIX Gold Community  to build product engagement and identify areas for improvement
    4. Serving as product champion inside MIX to ensure that all systems and processes are aligned to support client satisfactions on the MIX Market products
  3. Developing the growth of MIX Market products and services.  This responsibility includes:
    1. Gathering market insight for understanding client needs and developing specifications for new products or feature enhancements.
    2. Leading the development of new products, from developing detailed functional requirements for the technology team to leading beta testing and product launch
    3. Develop the complete go-to-market plan for the products, including product pricing and packaging
    4. Partnering with marketing to develop  the marketing campaigns and materials for promotion and sales conversion
    5. Train sales/marketing team on product features and use and join sales team (when necessary) to present to current and prospective clients.
  4. Managing related staff, work plans and budgets and P&Ls


Working relationships

The Product Manager, MIX Market manages a team of three analysts to run the product line, and partners with the Operations team to source the data and analysis delivered.  This role requires the Manager to work collaboratively with the other Operations and Program team leadership in management and delivery of the products and cross-functionally with the Technology, Revenue and Marketing teams to build and support the products.  The Manager will report to and work with the COO in developing the MIX Market product strategy and work plans.


Measures of Success

In general, a successful Product Manager would be expected to:

  1. Achieve high levels of user satisfaction with the platform and products
  2. Effectively collaborate with the Operations team to ensure that the product systems and processes support high quality, timely data for clients
  3. Facilitate high conversion and retention rates among target audiences
  4. Launch new products and services that meet key product success metrics



Qualifications and skills

  1. BA minimum in relevant field, including business, economics or information systems
  2. Experience managing a product with $1MM or greater in gross revenue
  3. Experience developing and managing information products, particularly  financial database products for financial services industry
  4. Demonstrated ability to combine industry knowledge and learnings from clients to develop successful products
  5. Ability to develop a product strategy that can attract capital for strategic product developments
  6. Experience with project management and comfort with spreadsheets, databases, and project management tools
  7. Good teamwork skills and experience collaborating with colleagues from various technical backgrounds and coordinating activities among marketing, sales, technology teams to build the client base


Qualified candidates should e-mail a cover letter and résumé to and mention “Product Manager MIX Market” in the subject line.  The position closing date is July 31, 2015.