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Pula Advisors
Southern India
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Full-time consultancy
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1.     About Pula Advisors

PULA is radically restructuring agricultural insurance, using technology to insure the previously unbanked, uninsured, untapped market of 1.5 billion smallholders worldwide. Pula is piloting an agri-insurance project in 11 districts in Tamil Nadu by working closely with an agriculture input provider and a local insurance company.  Pula is looking for an experienced individual based in Southern India to manage and successfully run the pilot operations.

2. Programme Manager Role
The Programme Manager will ensure smooth functioning of the pilot project through establishing linkages with the distribution centres of the client; call centres; seed companies; monitoring sales and disbursement of incentives; developing monthly reports and providing overall guidance and management to the project.   Specifically, the responsibility will involve:

a.      Working with Sales Team/ Agro-Dealers – of the client

i.      Motivating the sales team / agro-dealers towards training and pushing the micro-insurance product – both in-person and through social media
ii.     Ensuring that the sales team/ Agro-dealers have been incentivized on time as per the incentive scheme
iii.    Resolving issues faced by sales team/ Agro-dealers while training the agro-dealers and farmers respectively.
iv.     Formulating actionables for the sales team/ Agro-dealers based on feedback received by the call centre.
v.      Identifying low-sales areas and pushing the sales team/ agro-dealers accordingly to increase sales
vi.     Educating the sales / agro-dealers / farmers on the product and insurance compensation, if applicable, through appropriate messaging and training
vii.    Ensuring formulation and disbursement of incentives in a timely manner to the agro-dealers and the sales teams
viii.   Providing feedback on the performance of the agro-dealers and sales teams regarding the insurance product
ix.     Providing feedback based on calls received by the call centre
x.      Reporting on field activities and sales related to the insurance product

b.      Working with the call centre
i.      Ensuring that issues faced by the call centre team are resolved in a timely manner
ii.     Identifying training and messaging needs based on the calls received by the call centre
iii.    Ensuring adherence to farmer call -back timelines and transcription deadlines.

c.      Working with Director – Pula Advisors
i.      Reporting on the progress of the micro-insurance product
ii.     Formulating strategies and actionables based on the progress of the pilot

Experience and Qualifications
•       Over 5 years of experience working in marketing and sales
•       Project Management
•       Experience working in agriculture or insurance sector in India (preferred but not essential)
•       Experienced in customers relations
•       Good communications and team management skills
•       Excellent reporting and
•       Ability to manage and work with different stakeholders and environments

How to apply
Please send a cover letter and resume (in pdf format) to by 25th October 2017.