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If interested,please sendyour resumeto Please also include a short summary of why you’re interested in Amal Academy (feel free to send a cover letter as well, although it’s not required).

Specifically, a successful Program Manager will oversee the facilitation (e.g., training) and operational details (e.g., assignment revision, recruitment/selection, etc.) of one Amal’s Career Prep Fellowships. Specifically, this position will focus on three goals: training, coaching and selection.

Trainer: the role of the Fellows Manager as a trainer is to facilitate the sessions with the Fellows and ensure they are embracing and applying the ideas and skills we are introducing and developing. Specifically, a successful trainer will do the following:

– Meet with the Career Prep Fellows each week (Saturday/Sunday, for 3 months) and introduce/develop core skills that are necessary for getting a job and becoming successful on the job

– Leverage the content that is curated by the Amal Academy curriculum team in order to facilitate a total of 8 hours of training each week with the Amal Career-Prep Fellowship. Some of these sessions will be co-facilitated with other members from the Amal team (e.g., another Program Manager, one of the cofounders) or with a guest speaker.

– Explore and experiment with ways to improve the curriculum and provide feedback to the curriculum team

Coach: As a coach, the Fellows Manager’s role is to ensure the Fellows are embracing the training and applying/developing it in their practical life. Specifically, this will include the following:

– Review the Fellows’ weekly assignments and provide detailed, timely and consistent feedback that (1) encourages each fellow, (2) gives them constructive feedback that can be applied/developed immediately and (3) internally evaluates how effective the curriculum and facilitation is.

– Maintain a thorough system that tracks each fellows’ attendance, punctuality and timely homework submission, in order to ensure that they are being held accountable and fairly evaluated

– Be available for one-on-one career counseling and provide ad hoc feedback and support regarding Fellows’ job applications, interview preparation, etc.

– Communicate the HW and other announcements to the Fellows in a timely and consistent fashion.

– Develop a strong mentor-mentee relationship with each fellow so that they can look to you as an ongoing role model and coach, even after the fellowship completes


-Assist with (and eventually lead) the recruitment and selection of the Career Prep Fellows