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If you would like to apply for this job, please visit this page: For questions, please email:

If you would like to apply for this job, please visit this page:


Eyeglasses have been in use for hundreds of years, yet still today, there are approximately 2.5 billion individuals in need of a pair of glasses, 624 million of which are living with visual impairment and blindness that can be easily corrected with a pair of glasses. Unfortunately, 80% of those individuals who could be helped with a pair of glasses live in developing countries where affordable glasses are not readily accessible and the vast majority are still living with a debilitating problem.  This lack of access to 700 year old technology costs the global economy an estimated $202 billion a year.  The EYElliance is a growing coalition of actors, representing multiple sectors, collaborating to address the global unmet need for eyeglasses. Our theory of change is based on the premise that in order to transform systems you must transform the relationships among people who shape those systems.


i. Accelerate impact by facilitating cross-sector collaborations and promoting effective models to attract new actors and increase access to, and adoption of, glasses;

ii.   Signal Attention and Advocate for increased investment in, and prioritization of, the issue area from international donor communities, development agencies, governments, and the private sector;

iii.  Broaden the Pool of Resources including public, philanthropic, and impact investment committed to addressing the global need for glasses.

Our goal is that through our collective work, 100 million individuals will obtain their first pair of new glasses by 2020.


We are looking for a program officer to help us launch the EYElliance, and subsequently take on a more specialized role with the organization.  Over the next year we will be co-authoring a case for action report in partnership with our stakeholders, raising $2M to support our global operations, and mobilizing new commitments from governments, multilateral and bilateral organizations, the private sector, and donors in advance of a public launch event in Q3/Q4 2016.  Reporting to the COO, the program officer will be playing a supportive, but meaningful role, with every aspect of the organization’s development.


Meaningful work gives you the opportunity to fulfill a Legacy, gain greater Mastery, and achieve Freedom.


The Outcomes From Your Work in this Role

  • You will help address the fact that 624 million are living with visual impairment and blindness that can be easily corrected with a pair of glasses.
  • You will help the global economy save $202 billion every year when we solve this challenge.
  • You will help accelerate impact by facilitating cross- sector collaborations and promoting effective models to attract new actors and increase access to, and adoption of, glasses.


How This Role Will Help You Develop as a Professional

  • You will help take us to lift-off mode, guiding our early stage growth and action.
  • You will contribute to a case for action report and help us grow our coalition of implementing partners, supporters, and affiliate organizations.
  • You will work with our steering committee comprised of individuals from VisionSpring, the World Bank, Essilor, USAID, the Tides Foundation, and the Brien Holden Vision Institute.


The Tangible and Intangible Perks and Benefits of This Role

We expect you to be a human being while working for us, which means a need to explore and live fully. To do so, we offer:

  • Generous benefits and a competitive salary.
  • A team-first culture where we encourage fun, humor, and embrace all personalities.
  • You will collaborate, co-create, and test out this description — and this role — once you arrive so we can shape the last details together.


  • Ensuring our stakeholders are appropriately engaged in our work;
  • Communicating our stakeholder’s viewpoints, ideas and analyses in articulate, compelling, and creative ways;
  • Supporting the COO to manage two working groups on inclusive, equitable education and inclusive economies.  This will include everything from: taking notes at meetings, compiling key takeaways, creating pre-read materials, to disseminating research to members.
  • Support the development of a case for action report, including drafting a scope of work for contract writers and consultants.
  • Along with the COO, grow our global community of partners and help manage strategic stakeholder engagement;
  • Support the COO with the development of new fundraising and communications materials.


  • Has 4-8 years of significant world, work, and life experience.
  • Has academic and/or practical grounding in collaboration and cross-sectoral partnerships, and related analytical techniques;
  • Is emotionally intelligent – able to build strong relationships that inspire openness and trust and balance inquiry and advocacy in all personal interactions;
  • Can take a client approach to partner engagement and is comfortable endorsing multiple approaches to solving complex problems and shining a light on our partners’ successes;
  • Is able to adapt to an evolving role and responsibilities;
  • Has a sense of humor;
  • Is intellectually curious, insightful and creative yet analytically rigorous;
  • Able to take initiative and drive work with moderate supervision and guidance;
  • Bonus if you have earned a graduate degree are preferred (MPP, MPA/ID, MPH).


Please complete the following application by 11:59 EST on Monday, November 3. These short-answer questions are designed to replace a cover letter; please take your time on them and copy in your answers from a separate document. If you are chosen as a finalist, you will first be interviewed by ReWork and then by EYElliance leadership. The final step in the hiring process will be to arrange personal reference calls to confirm details of your work history and performance.


You’ll be invited to join the EYElliance team and enjoy the perks of working with a small, but enthusiastic team working out of our office in a new WeWork location on West 36th street.  If you have any questions about the role, please feel free to email We look forward to reading your application!