Project Member – Social Finance

The Working World Nicaragua (La Base)
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The Working World Nicaragua (La Base)

Project Member – Social Finance

The Organization

A job where you can make a real, systemic difference and help grow an innovative grassroots organization.

The Working World is an NGO offering a new way to allow people in the world take control of their economic lives, going far beyond microcredit to change the heart of the working equation. We turn the global financial system on its head and offer socially conscious micro-investment to businesses and factories owned and democratically run by the workers themselves. It's an idealistic goal, but it's not just an idea – we've been doing it for ten years in Argentina, five in Nicaragua, two years in the US, and have made over 900 loans totaling more than $4,700,000. And over 90% of these investments have paid themselves off, growing businesses, creating jobs, and allowing more workers to become owners. Our goals are idealistic, and our methods are practical – we work for concrete results: Empower people rather than indebting them; help develop sustainable, local, responsible, democratic businesses; and create an impact on the economy of sweatshops and poverty that runs the world today.

The Position

Five years ago, we opened a branch in Nicaragua with the same model as our Argentina office, and so far, it's been a success. Now we are looking for one new core team member to help us scale this success and bring our model to even more groups of workers. We're looking for people who are equally motivated, idealistically minded and practically acting. We're looking for people who can, after a trial period, help us grow the organization in Nicaragua for at least two years. Fluent Spanish is necessary.

Our target start date is January 2015 for a full time position in León, Nicaragua.

Responsibilities include: engaging with the workers of different cooperatives, researching with them to prepare new investments and business plans, conducting educative and practical assemblies, following up on plans with the cooperatives, managing budgets, finding and applying for new sources of funding, among others.

How to apply

Email cover letter and resume to


León, Nicaragua

Application deadline

September 28, 2015.

Education requirements

4-year degree

Languages needed

Spanish (English Proficiency a Plus)

Employment type

Full time

Salary details

US$313/ month + Living stipend