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Typically job descriptions start with pleasantries. We’re great. You’re great. Let’s see if we can be great together. But for this role, we’re going to try to scare you off. Dobility’s founder titled our email thread, “Hiring the impossible QC person.” We know we’re pushing the bounds of what is possible. We get that. But we fundamentally need someone on our team who can help us maintain incredibly high reliability standards on a shoestring budget while relentlessly innovating to meet the needs of customers in more than 130 countries. So…

Please DON’T apply for this job if:

– You think it’s impossible for a global team of 12 individuals to consistently beat far-larger, far-better-funded competitors in terms of product, innovation, and reliability (and price, and support).
– You think that it would be unfair to expect you, as part of a small team with limited resources, to personally help assure crazy (old-fashioned) levels of software reliability across the breadth of a complex, multi-OS technology platform.
– You believe that a whole QC team of specialized contributors (automated-testing experts, manual testers, test plan designers, managers) is necessary to make software QC work.
– You can design processes and manage others, but do not want to actually do testing yourself.

Here’s what we ARE looking for:

We’re looking for energetic and entrepreneurial individuals to join our efforts to grow our business and achieve our social mission. Although we are a small, lean, and early-stage social enterprise, our product, SurveyCTO, has already been used by thousands of projects in over 130 countries.

For this position, we’re looking for somebody to lead our quality-control efforts. A pillar of our growth and a core part of our mission is not just to provide a great product, but also to provide incredible support and service — which requires that our product be absolutely reliable.

Strong prior experience designing, implementing, and managing quality-control efforts for products, websites, and/or SaaS platforms would be wonderful. But if you’re so experienced that you have very rigid ideas about how QC teams must be organized and run — or so experienced that you have very rigid ideas about what work you do or don’t want to do yourself — then this position is probably not for you.

Here, we are looking for what some say is impossible: somebody with the judgment to be able to decide what should be done, the skill to be able to formulate appropriate processes, and the willingness and attention-to-detail necessary to actually implement those processes. As a small organization that punches way above its weight, Dobility is full of individuals who accomplish the impossible on a regular basis. In this role, we’re willing to hire somebody junior who is eager to learn or somebody senior who is eager to work in a smaller, more-refreshingly-efficient environment.


– Take fundamental ownership of our company’s reliability mission.
– Manage high-level quality-control strategy.
– Design and implement test plans.
– Oversee a rigorous system of manual and automated testing.
– Coordinate with the development team on testing needs and findings.
– Help the development team to achieve ambitious product, timeline, and reliability goals.
– Back-stop the front-line technical support team by helping reproduce and troubleshoot user issues.

Ideal candidate profile:

– Wicked smart.
– Clear communicator (in English).
– Creative problem-solver.
– Obsessively detail-oriented.
– Organized.
– Passion for being exhaustively thorough.
– Love for detective work, for leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of any bug or unexplained product behavior.
– Advanced computer and/or networking skills (e.g., people in your family call you when they have computer trouble).
– Experience in software quality control.
– Basic computer-programming skills (ability to review Java code a plus).
– Engineering background or mindset.
– Willingness to work hard to meet team deadlines.
– Passionate about improving the world through one’s work.

Location and hours:

This is a full-time position based in the Northeastern United States. Our primary office is in Cambridge, MA, but we are open to hiring in New Hampshire as well as Massachusetts. Telecommuting options are flexible, but only for those who are incredibly productive at home.

Salary and benefits:

Dobility offers competitive salary and benefits packages. The specifics will depend on the location and the applicant’s level of prior experience.

About the organization:

Dobility, the company behind SurveyCTO, was founded by Dr. Christopher Robert, an early tech entrepreneur and CTO who left technology to live overseas, train in economics and public policy, then research and teach at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. His experience on the ground made him realize that the research and development sectors badly needed better technology to gather and manage data. Dobility’s mission is to help ensure that high-quality data is affordable, so that more decisions are based on good data (vs. bad data or no data).

Dobility differentiates itself in the market by providing unmatched reliability, affordability, and customer support. It is a fast-moving company with a motivated team that has spent time in the field to understand customers’ pain points first-hand.

About the product:

SurveyCTO is a survey and data-collection platform designed for the specific demands of doing research in developing countries and other challenging settings. It can be used online or offline, on web, tablet, or phone. Most often it’s used by surveyors in the field to perform guided interviews with survey respondents (“Computer Assisted Personal Interviews”). It protects against fraud by recording how long surveys take, audio recording when suspicious behavior is flagged, and employing statistical algorithms to look for anomalies in the data. It’s also an extraordinarily flexible platform that allows for advanced survey logic, pre-loading existing data into survey questions, and automatically merging incoming data into back-office applications like Excel or Stata.

SurveyCTO has been used to collect millions of survey submissions in over 130 countries by organizations such as the World Bank, Save the Children, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Innovations for Poverty Action, and many others. You can learn more on our website.


To apply, please fill out this online application form: https://use.surveycto.com/collect/app_qc_lead

You will need to provide a resume or CV, and you will be asked some questions about your experience.

Dobility is an equal opportunity employer, and we value diversity at our company. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

Additional Information

We will only review applications submitted via our online application form: https://use.surveycto.com/collect/app_qc_lead