Renewable Energy Program Consultant

Washington, DC
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The objectives of this consultancy include:
A clear understanding of opportunities to support corporate, foundation, government, and other partners in the expansion of renewable energy in Africa and around the world
Articulation of ROI as it relates to each of these opportunities
A well defined value proposition for Pact, along the supply-demand continuum and that leverages our existing portfolio in the mining sector
A clear path for recruitment of a Renewable Energy Signature Program Lead
Duties and Responsibilities
Duties and responsibilities for the consultant will include:
A market analysis of the supply and demand sides of the renewable energy continuum;
Inclusion of synergies with Pact’s Mines to Markets programs in this market analysis;
Based on that market analysis, a refinement of Pact’s value proposition within the renewable energy space
A business plan for 2018-2021 based on the above
Assurance of a user-centric design in our new Signature Program i.e. inclusion of current and prospective corporate partners
Identification of either a) candidates for the Signature Program Lead position to be posted in late 2017 or b) avenues to source candidates for this position


Deliverables include:

User-centered design recommendations from conversations with current and prospective corporate partners, foundations, multi-laterals and others;
Market analysis of the supply-demand ecosystem in the renewable energy space
A business plan, that incorporates the market analysis, and includes a well defined value proposition for Pact as well as key strategic priorities and associated revenue models;
Recommendations for recruitment of a Renewable Energy, Signature Program Lead to start January 2018.
Minimum Qualifications
Strategy and/or business planning experience
Experience in working with corporate partners and/or in shared value
Understanding of the field of renewable energy
Understanding of the international development marketplace

Preferred Qualifications
Expert in the field of renewable energy
Understanding of integrated development

Required Documents for Submission

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Curriculum Vitae
Biodata Form
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Additional Information

A nonprofit international development organization founded in 1971, Pact works on the ground in more than 30 countries to improve the lives of those who are poor and marginalized. We strive for a world where all people exercise their voice, build their own solutions and take ownership of their future.

Grounded in our new strategy, current programmatic success, and momentum in this area both internally and externally, Renewable Energy will be the focus of Pact’s newest Signature Program. This new Signature Program will provide opportunities to represent the community and the demand side of the supply-demand eco-system, as well as the ability to pursue shared value opportunities with corporate partners at various points in their supply chain and in relation to our work in the mining sector. To support thriving and resilient communities where people are heard, capable, and whole, social enterprise opportunities are also of interest, as well as partnerships with foundations, governments, and other non-profits.