Roving Correspondent

American Refugee Committee
Minneapolis, MN
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DEPARTMENT: Development & Communications

RESPONSIBLE TO: Campaign Director

STATUS: Full time, Permanent


DATE: September 2017



The Development & Communications department ambitiously advances the work of the American Refugee Committee by actively engaging donors, supporters, and partners in a way that is meaningful to them and promotes refugees worldwide.

The purpose of the organization is to be transformative in the lives of the people it touches – including all supporters. Engagement staff works with supporters and potential partners to make their work with the American Refugee Committee meaningful and to empower them to organize and act using their own individual agency.

Team members actively work to expand numbers of supporters and partners, promote the organization’s purpose, raise the agency profile, raise critical unrestricted annual funds, and raise strategic restricted funds.


The Roving Correspondent will travel to American Refugee Committee programs to get to know people first-hand and tell their incredible stories. The right person will have an ear for authenticity and the ability to know just the right part of a story to retell.

The Roving Correspondent is always curious and will show people the small things that make a distant place feel touchable – the interesting toys children create, the innovative solutions to common challenges, the particular flowers that grow nearby, the favorite meals and special songs. And the right person is just as curious in their hometown as they are in a brand new place.

The Roving Correspondent is handy with technology and is an actively engaged social networker. This person will become one of the faces of the organization – providing a continuous stream of content (video, photographs, tweets, blogs) and engagement with staff, internally, and with the general public, externally.

Team members will rely on the Roving Correspondent to support many content needs. Staff and donors will utilize materials. The Roving Correspondent will work with in-country staff to highlight amazing programs and capture the story that will make them resonate for media and donors.

For several years, ARC has been in the process of reinventing the way we work, rethinking the way we approach problems, and changing how we engage with the people we serve – both those who need help and those who want to help.  The Roving Correspondent will help secure the authentic and wonderful content that can reflect and support this new approach.

This is a roving position and so substantial travel, up to 50% time, must be expected and welcomed.


Talk to people – tons of people

Spend real time getting to know people. All different kinds of people. Listen to hear what makes them tick. Hear the insights they offer, the unique details of their stories that make them their own, their passions, their loss, and their day-to-day reality.  Spend days, weeks, even months developing genuine relationships. Clearly communicate your intent, make sure you have real permission.

Work with colleagues in communications and programs, to host creative workshops to generate unique group content- children gathering to draw pictures for other children, women gathering to share their stories of motherhood, young men talking about their hopes for the future.

Work with colleagues to understand the stories they hope to communicate. Interview people and get photographs. Help facilitate discussions and interview when communications colleagues and other colleagues visit overseas programs.

Develop relationships, as many as you can, with staff around the world.

Mine for anything/anyone amazing. And get the details.

Social Media Management – Share Continuously

The Roving Correspondent is responsible for ARC’s social media strategy and implementation. This means developing a voice, engaging in a relationship with supporters through social media and generating and sharing relevant content that supports this strategy on a daily basis.

Engagement campaigns are central to ARC’s strategy and the Roving Correspondent is responsible for supporting all online campaigns from design through implementation. Additionally, incorporating these campaigns in social media in a way that makes sense to the community is a must.

The best way for people to feel connected to something very far away is to get regular real-time views into what is happening. We call these wormholes. Creating wormholes is a chief responsibility of the position.

Speak plainly, with enthusiasm. This position is required to communicate in a jargon-free way.  The job sometimes requires translating jargon into everyman language.

Secure the authentic and wonderful content that can make the website and social media a meaningful and captivating experience.

When traveling, keep in regular contact, send regular content “dumps” to colleagues in communications, and keep everyone updated via WhatsApp.

Content – Changemakers 365 and Beyond

The Roving Correspondent will provide primary support for ARC’s Changemakers 365 program, which does the doable – making one seemingly small change each and every day that will make a huge difference in people’s lives.

Work with communications staff and overseas teams to identify areas where Changemakers 365 will shine. Work with local staff to ideate projects that cost $500 or less but would make a huge impact, and then encourage ownership of those ideas through to implementation. Support staff through this process.

Capture the change through photos. The Roving Correspondent must be able to capture photos that reflect the energy of small changes that make a big difference – the energy of the people who will benefit, the excitement of those making it possible, the atmosphere. Photos also capture the physical change made through before and after images and product style, detail photos.

Capture the change through stories. Record the verbal reactions and stories/background of those involved in the project – those whom it will benefit, those involved in making it happen. Capture quotes, develop story arcs and hooks and pay attention for all the relevant details that make for rich storytelling. Viewers should feel inspiration in each daily installment of Changemakers 365.

Support and train staff as you go. Make ambassadors and practitioners of any staff who touch Changemakers 365. Help them understand how it all works, encourage them to be more involved and ask for their opinions.

Join your teammates in building a bridge from the Changemakers Award to Changemakers 365.

Roughly 25% of the Roving Correspondent’s time will be spent supporting Changemakers 365.

Create video and other media for donor events, communications, presentations. You will be a part of the team that decides the format/topic. And you will drive media production.

Write and Produce

Assist with communications for events and donor communications. You will be part of the team that decides the format/topic.

Work with communications and programs colleagues to produce materials of value for colleagues overseas in their interactions with donors, beneficiaries and others.

Develop content into material at request of colleagues (via manager) – might include press releases, web articles, or promotional materials.

Emergency Relief

When the American Refugee Committee conducts emergency relief activities you may be asked to join the team. Your job would be to provide constant reports and serve as a liaison for the communications and media team. These events are unpredictable.

Stay Fresh

Remember to stay curious and notice the small things – The interesting details you would share with your closest friends.

Stay enthusiastic. It’s your job not to grow bored and to have the self-awareness to shift gears when enthusiasm wanes.

Stay inspired to try new ideas.

Keep a robust log of interesting people and organizations – the best storytellers, movements, tweeters, relief workers, etc. and keep colleagues up to date.


All staff members are required to support one another. Everyone assumes tasks and responsibilities as required.

As much as possible, Development and Communications staff members are asked to work directly with donors and volunteers. Everyone should make time to attend events, engage volunteers, and personally reach out to supporters.


Experience managing social media content for other organizations or businesses
Excellent organizational skills: the ability to work productively in a fast-paced environment + the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
Detail oriented: consistently strives for accuracy
Customer service experience
Proficient on PC systems, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Windows Outlook
Must have access to reliable transportation


Organized, hard-working, friendly, motivated, proactive, kind and generous

American Refugee Committee is an Equal Opportunity Employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental disability, or protected veteran status.  American Refugee Committee complies with all applicable laws governing nondiscrimination in employment.