Safety Consultant

Sanivation Limited
Naivasha, Kenya
Job Type
Contract, Consultancy
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Sanivation needs to source a health & safety professional who can complete on-site hazard, risk, and safety assessments that review the newest factory, prior to it opening, and create comprehensive site and job specific safety plans in compliance with all applicable OSHA regulations. The goal of these assessments is to make recommendations to reduce risks by elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls & training, and Personal Protective Equipment.

Sanivation would like to have this work completed by 3 December 2018.

The exact method can be determined by the consultant in conjunction with Sanivation leadership prior to beginning the assessment, however, Sanivation advises this general approach:

• One on one discussions with the Sanivation Director of Operations & Plant Manager to understand material flows, machinery, job functions, & general site operations
• On-site interviews of construction managers to connect theoretical with physical
• Desk based work to produce a complete risk assessment, risk mitigation recommendations, job hazard analysis, employee training materials, & supervisor audit materials

If the consultant has previous knowledge or data that will expedite the process, it should be used and applied.

The completed deliverables should be:
• Word documents with findings and recommended next steps
• Site level risk assessment with appropriate diagrams
• Job Hazard Analysis for agreed upon roles
• Training documents to accompany the communication of the above
• Conversation with Sanivation explaining findings
• Training session for managers & employees on new safety procedures
• Training session for supervisors & managers on new safety audits

Payment Details
Payment will be dispersed in two payments, one upon signing and one upon completion.

Procurement Process:
Sanivation will share this document with consultants and will choose a consultant to work with based on cost and confidence in ability to complete the work.

Please update the work schedule with how long you expect it will take to complete this work as well as key milestones and the associated daily rate. Then submit the cost estimate and any other supporting materials to Sanivation.

Below is the expected timeline.
• The work will be completed by December 3rd.

Sanivation Limited is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for consultancy without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.

Experience and Competencies

Preferred Experience
• College degree or equivalent – engineering, business, health & safety, agriculture, or similar behavioral science or health degree
• 10+ years experience in risk assessment, supply chain management, health & safety management, sanitation engineering, and or waste agricultural knowledge
• Computer – proficient in word and ppt, advanced in excel
• Basic knowledge or background in fuels, biomass and/or agriculture
• Proficiency in minimizing risk through engineering & process management
• Additional language skills (Kenyan local languages)

• Fluent in English and Swahili
• Communication – excels at written and spoken communication with all staff, able to write reports & training documentation that clearly and simply convey the important information collected & action steps needed
• Detail oriented – remembers key aspects of process management and able to quickly create synthesized diagrams.

Apply by attaching the following items
• A copy of your Curriculum vitae
• Academic credentials
• A breakdown of costings for the work proposal
• Recommendation letter/s from previous organizations on a similar job/s done.

Additional Information

Sanivation is a private waste services provider based in Naivasha looking to improve the overall health, dignity, and environment of people in the communities we serve. Sanivation designs, constructs and operates waste processing factories that produce and sell affordable, and environmentally sustainable fuels. What does this mean? We turn human poop into charcoal and firewood substitutes to help curb deforestation and protect the environment from untreated human waste. Watch more about us here.

Already, we’ve launched two fuel factories, in Naivasha, Kenya and Kakuma Refugee Camp. We plan on launching 3 more factories in the next 2 years. As we expand to new regions and grow operations, we will need deep knowledge about manufacturing & waste processing health and safety to ensure that our team members and the communities we serve have the best possible protections from workplace hazards.