Senior Associate – Finance

Anywhere in India, Home Based
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Position Description
Ennovent is focused on accelerating innovations that have a positive impact on low-income markets in
developing countries.
The Senior Associate will be a core member of Ennovent’s execution team working with the Senior Manager – Execution to support the organization’s delivery of the projects. In addition, the Senior Associate will be responsible for supporting the Impact Investment Holding, Ennovent’s impact fund.
The specific responsibilities related to the Associate will include, but not be limited to:
•       Lead and support the execution of client contracts in coordination with the relevant execution team
•       members and clients.
•       Support and where required lead all stages of the investment process for the Impact Investment Holding with a specific focus on portfolio monitoring, business plan and model analysis, and documentation/agreements.
•       Cultivate high-yield relationships with clients, potential clients and other key stakeholders to ensure quality contract delivery.
•       Contribute to the strategic development and operational management of the execution unit in coordination with relevant team members.
•       Support the execution of client contracts for other Ennovent units, as required.
•       Maintain and track industry trends and knowledge on topics related to Ennovent’s activities.
•       Support internal innovation processes including executing experiments and incorporating learnings.
•       Contribute to the overall strategic and operational development of Ennovent as required.
We are seeking a detail-oriented professional with a clear understanding and experience in finance and
project management. The successful candidate will have the following attributes:
•       An advanced degree in business; an MBA or Finance and accounting knowledge is preferred.
•       4+ years of professional experience; background working with BOP-focused startups and early-stage entrepreneurs are required.
•       Significant experience in startup investment, preferably early-stage, focused on BOP markets in developing countries is required.
•       An understanding of the processes, tools and systems required to develop business models for low-income markets.
•       Successful track record of executing complex, multi-stakeholder projects to exceed client and partner expectations.
•       A clear track record of success with relationship cultivation.
•       Network of relevant connections in the social impact, entrepreneurship, BOP space to facilitate sales and partnerships.
•       A diligent, detail-oriented and in-depth approach to work and delivering results.
•       Strong analytical and research skills in a financial context.

Additional Information

Ennovent is a business innovations catalyst for sustainability. We believe sustainable solutions for low-income markets can create long-term business value. We partner with the private, public and third sectors to take novel business ideas to these markets in developing countries. Since 2008, Ennovent has accelerated over 130 innovations in 30 countries through 40 projects.

Ennovent operates as a completely virtual organisation with team members working exclusively from home-based environments around the world. Our culture is dynamic; we are highly responsive to new ideas and initiatives that could advance our organisational aspirations, while also fostering a positive impact on low-income markets in developing countries. We promote a sense innovation, business ethics and professionalism in all our operations.

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