Senior Customer Success Associate

Dobility, Inc.
Washington, DC
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We’re looking for an energetic and entrepreneurial individual to join our efforts to grow our business and achieve our social mission. Although we are a small, lean, and early-stage social enterprise, our product, SurveyCTO, has already been used by thousands of teams in roughly 150 countries, and is growing rapidly.

For this position, we’re looking for a senior customer success associate to help bridge our technical and growth teams. A pillar of our growth and a core part of our mission is not just to provide a great product, but also to make sure existing and future users understand that value and how to realize it in practice. The ideal candidate will have advanced knowledge of SurveyCTO and practical experience conducting field research in one or more global settings and have strong training facilitation skills.


Growth (40%):

– Product Expertise: Provide general technical backstopping to the growth team and ensure a sound understanding of the product is reflected in all business planning and activities.

– End-user Training and Event Participation: Facilitate all SurveyCTO product demonstrations, seminars, presentations, webinars, and in-person trainings for end users. Attend and present at sector-relevant events for both training and product advocacy purposes.

– Growth: Identify business opportunities for product evangelism. Design and execute trainings and other activities to contribute to growth team’s objectives and goals.

– Content Generation: Collaborate with and advise the communications lead on technical and product specific content for user-facing materials.

– Project Tracking and Reporting: For each project, track all results and report regularly to Director of Marketing and Strategic Engagement.

Customer Success (40%):

– Customer Support: Strengthen our customer relationships and support our existing users by responding to user questions and support requests.

– Content Generation: Develop and improve content for the SurveyCTO online Support Center, as well as public-facing materials.

Product (20%):

– Product Feedback and User Acceptance Testing for R&D: Help provide a bridge between the customer success, sales and marketing, and engineering teams, so that SurveyCTO continues to be the best possible tool for both existing and new users.

While the current Dobility team spans Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America, this role is based in the Washington D.C. metro area. Particularly for those with longer commutes, flexible office and telecommuting schedules are possible.

About the organization:

Dobility, the company behind SurveyCTO, was founded by Dr. Christopher Robert, an early tech entrepreneur and CTO who left technology to live overseas, train in economics and public policy, then research and teach at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. His experience on the ground made him realize that the research and development sectors badly needed better technology to gather and manage data. Dobility’s mission is to help ensure that high-quality data is affordable, so that more decisions are based on good data (vs. bad data or no data).

Dobility differentiates itself in the market by providing unmatched reliability, affordability, and customer support. It is a fast-moving company with a motivated team that has spent time in the field to understand customers’ pain points first-hand.

About the product:

SurveyCTO is a survey and data-collection platform designed for the specific demands of doing research in developing countries and other challenging settings. It can be used online or offline, on web, tablet, or phone. Most often it’s used by surveyors in the field to perform guided interviews with survey respondents (“Computer Assisted Personal Interviews”). It protects against fraud by recording how long surveys take, audio recording when suspicious behavior is flagged, and employing statistical algorithms to look for anomalies in the data. It’s also an extraordinarily flexible platform that allows for advanced survey logic, pre-loading existing data into survey questions, and automatically merging incoming data into back-office applications like Excel.

SurveyCTO has been used to collect over three million survey submissions in roughly 150 countries by organizations such as the World Bank, Save the Children, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Innovations for Poverty Action, and many others. You can see other examples of organizations we work with on our website.


– Very experienced using SurveyCTO, Open Data Kit, or similar platforms for collecting data offline, preferably in an international context.

– Strong knowledge of international field research as well as survey design and administration.

– Excellent writer and communicator, and good interpersonal and networking skills.

– Ability to own and manage multiple projects – short and long-term – and work across different teams simultaneously.

– Fast learner, able to independently problem-solve.

– Detail-oriented (e.g., cares that complement and compliment are different things; and notices that ‘$ {fieldname}’ has a space between the dollar sign and the curly bracket).

– Obsessive about doing high-quality work.

– Preference for working in a fast-paced start-up environment and being part of a fun, energetic team.

– Passionate about improving the world through one’s work.


The salary range is $50,000 to $70,000 plus benefits packages, including health insurance and 401(k). The specifics will depend on the applicant’s level of prior experience.