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Washington, DC (flexible)
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Building on its 15+ years of experience in data and analytics, MIX is building up its practice in catalytic data initiatives where MIX’s expertise can have a transformational impact on inclusive finance, address data asymmetries that hold back investment, and ultimately, ensure inclusive financial services can deliver on their promise to support achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. MIX will leverage its strengths – data expertise, building networks of data providers and users, and as a neutral, third-party data partner – to drive impact.

These catalytic data initiatives have been developed in direct response to feedback from investors and funders: a need for data standards and solutions that create visibility and transparency, allowing capital to flow to emerging spaces and ensuring healthy market growth. These efforts currently include fintech, digital and agricultural finance. MIX is dedicated to keeping pace with a changing environment; our catalytic data initiatives make use of agile, iterative processes to reflect the dynamism of the financial services industry. We expect to regularly review and evolve priority areas in response to sector needs.

MIX is seeking a Senior Director to lead the strategic development of MIX’s catalytic data initiatives, to strengthen existing partnerships and build new partnerships to grow these initiatives, and to drive thought leadership that will increase uptake and impact of these initiatives. The Senior Director will engage with inclusive finance leaders, including funders and impact investors, financial service providers, financial technology companies, and support actors (e.g., research institutes, incubators) to design and deploy this strategic development.

The Senior Director will be responsible for directing and growing MIX’s portfolio of catalytic data initiatives:


Develop and evolve MIX’s strategy for its data initiatives, including refining the vision and goals for the role of data and data solutions.

Create a framework for identifying, reviewing and assessing new areas and data to support sector actors.

Partnerships and Business Development

Cultivate and expand MIX’s partnerships, both funding and advisory, to support the achievement of the catalytic data initiatives strategy.

Develop creative mechanisms for spurring industry engagement through convenings, working groups, joint publications, among others.

Thought Leadership

Lead and coordinate thought leadership efforts across MIX’s catalytic data initiatives, working in partnership with MIX’s Directors, Data Analysts, and Consultants, as well as industry influencers, to develop questions and analysis that will help shape industry thinking.

Raise the profile of MIX’s data and insights in these new areas and develop strategies to drive action from intended audiences.


Provide leadership to a global team of experienced professionals, enabling a cohesive practice across MIX’s catalytic data initiatives, with peer learning and best practice sharing to increase impact in each new initiative while identifying synergies that can increase MIX’s overall impact.

Working in coordination with Finance and the Directors, provide cross-cutting budget oversight.

To deliver on the above responsibilities, the Senior Director will be expected to accomplish the following in the first 90 days:

Strategy: Build a strategy to improve awareness and recognition of MIX’s catalytic data initiatives through thought leadership and identify further areas where MIX can have significant impact.

Team: Develop cross-cutting priorities and ensure a cohesive strategic approach across initiatives.

Partnerships and Business Development: Develop and begin implementation of a plan for deepening existing partnerships and securing new partners on catalytic data initiatives.

Skills and Experience

Strong strategic thinker, with experience designing and setting strategy and developing frameworks to measure achievement of goals.

Proven stakeholder engagement and management experience, coupled with finesse in building collaborative, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Deep understanding of the inclusive finance landscape and the role financial services play in achieving development goals.

Extensive experience with and understanding of data collection and aggregation and how subsequent analysis and insights can be made actionable for specific user groups.

Demonstrated storytelling, writing and presentation skills, making analysis and insights tangible.

Goal-oriented, problem solver.

Flexible, adaptable to change.

Inspiring leadership for team members and partners.


MIX is a global organization with teams located around the globe with core functional teams located in New York, Washington DC, Europe and India. The preferred location for this role is Washington DC.

Working relationships

The Senior Director will report to MIX’s COO. The Senior Director will work with a team of experienced professionals to implement the strategies for growing MIX’s catalytic data initiatives and to work as a cross-functional team to support overall strategy outcomes. The Senior Director will also work with MIX’s CEO for overarching partnership strategies and fundraising, and MIX’s Director of Marketing and Communications for external communication and awareness.<

Additional Information

MIX is the leading global data resource for socially responsible investors and businesses focused on inclusive finance. MIX’s catalytic data initiatives encourage the growth of inclusive markets and support informed thinking on the future of financial services. MIX convenes stakeholders to build common data standards that create transparency and develops strategic insight from complex data to help sectors flourish. Founded in 2002, MIX has served as a trusted data partner for socially responsible investors who move 10 billion USD annually. Learn more at