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Job Description:

VOTO is about tackling tough development challenges through basic mobile technology: we’re helping amplify the voices of 3 billion people not yet on the internet, making sure their feedback reaches the organizations that serve them, and connecting them to the daily information they need. We build technology and expertise to do mobile surveys, messaging campaigns and hotlines through the basic mobile phone channels most able to engage hard-to-reach audiences.

Why work at VOTO?

We are an entrepreneurial and fast-growing social enterprise that is looking to transform the way companies, NGOs, and governments communicate with their hardest-to-reach citizens in emerging markets. As a technology-driven company we are creating new solutions for our partners every day, and we get to see them used to create positive human impact nearly immediately.

Current staff love working at VOTO:

  • Do work that matters – pioneer new and innovative ways to tackle key social problems that affect billions of people
  • Learn within an environment that provides coaching and training
  • Have fun and support each other – our young and dynamic team sees work as something to be enjoyed and our company as a place for friendships

About the job

VOTO\’s global SaaS platform for mobile engagement enables organizations to share information and gather feedback from the citizens they serve in the most challenging environments. Usage of the platform grew by over 10X in the past year, while we\’ve added new countries, new channels (SMS and USSD), and new features. A rapidly-growing user base puts pressure on us to ramp up the speed of development – all while maintaining critical reliability. As the core platform grows in features and complexity, it\’s essential that we keep development organized, well structured, and maintainable. Reporting to the Director of Technology Solutions, the Senior Engineer will be responsible for professional-grade engineering within the VOTO web application, including both front-end and back-end development. More importantly, they will share their experience and practices with other team members to accelerate the whole team\’s velocity and engineering quality. Based on strong industry experience, they will contribute significantly to the product and architecture design.


  • Work within the VOTO core product team to implement new features related to our global IVR and SMS engagement platform (  Depending on focus area, this could involve web front-end and/or back-end applications engineering.
  • Suggest and implement revisions to the core VOTO architecture
  • Support the professional development of team members: share software development practices and knowledge with other members, informally and within scheduled TCD (Team Capacity Development) events
  • Take shifts leading the core product team as the Sprint Leader

Specific Objectives

  • Increase team velocity by 50% through your own contribution, and through increasing the capacity of team members
  • Help the team regularly deliver more than 95% completion on sprints
  • Eliminate release-day bugs through code quality strategies and diligent testing
  • Help the core team achieve two goals every sprint: working software that enables impact for our users, and a smarter, happier, more productive team

Stretch Goals

  • Through sharing knowledge and practices, double the capability and knowledge of your team mates in their first year
  • Provide key contributions to launching Project X, a top-secret next generation VOTO service


  • Have held a senior role in web application development, in a SaaS or software consulting organization
  • Have become an expert in the core technologies used by VOTO: PHP, Python, MySQL, JS and CSS frameworks, RabbitMQ
  • Have a breadth of experience that guides you in choosing the best approaches, architectures, and patterns for any task
  • Have extensive knowledge of open-source packages and libraries that can accelerate your dev cycle.


  • Share an attitude of ambition, diligence, attention to detail, and pragmatic perfectionism
  • Are passionate about creating useful, intuitive, delightful user experiences
  • Diligent about maintaining responsible agile practices, including continuous refactoring and cleanup as soon as the need for this is noticed
  • A practitioner of head-first, rather than keyboard-first, design and development
  • Can self-manage, and are skilled at prioritizing long-term outcomes while meeting short-term deliverables
  • Are skilled at working within, leading, and inspiring a small team; at ease when leading from in-front and from behind
  • Can nimbly lead sprint planning and agile development processes


  • Mastery of modern web application front-end design using HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Fluency in a range of Javascript frameworks (JQuery, Underscore/Lodash, React) and UI frameworks (Bootstrap, Skeleton)
  • Ability to achieve consistency with a style guide, but also having an intuitive sense of beautiful and aesthetic interfaces
  • Strong ability to empathize with user needs and think like a user
  • Strong fluency with PHP and the Laravel framework
  • Expert understanding of database system trade-offs and performance


The role can theoretically be done from anywhere but the core team is currently based in Ghana, with additional engineers in Canada and the US East Coast.  Candidates should be open to significant global travel to ensure they can attend a thorough in-person orientation, and routinely build in-person relationships with their team.

About us

VOTO Mobile is a fast growing social enterprise with offices in Canada, the US, Ghana, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Kenya and India. Our services help partners distribute and collect information by engaging difficult-to-reach populations through their mobile phones. We specialize in interactive voice calls (IVR) and SMS in local languages, instantly reaching across distance and literacy barriers. We serve a wide variety of use-cases including: journalists who run national public interest surveys, rural clinics who distribute maternal health education, policy makers who study vaccine supply chains, economic development organizations who reach out to farmers, urban planners who monitor water distribution access, and academics who research the effect of public health interventions. We also have an API used to empower entrepreneurs and higher-level mobile service providers.

In the 3 years since our launch, our product has been used by 500 organizations to reach over 5.6 million people across 40+ countries. We offer the most robust platform in the industry and work across all sectors. We have pioneered the set-up of international and local connections that allow us to call nearly every phone on the planet. Further, through conducting a number of tests, we have developed a large number of best practices that help our partners to push the boundaries of mobile engagement effectiveness and impact. This knowledge will soon be shared online in our “VOTO University”.

Some of our most active global users include: the World Bank, UNICEF, Stanford University, McKinsey & Company, Facebook, MIT,, Camfed, ONE Campaign, Innovations for Poverty Action, Vodafone Foundation, Farm Radio International, FHI360, and Equal Access.

Our culture and you

We believe that “More Voices leads to Better Choices”. This means giving valuable information to poor households to help them make better lifestyle decisions, and it also means giving a voice to those same households to influence national and development policy in their country. Three billion people are disconnected from the information economy and VOTO Mobile is using simple mobile technology to bridge the pervasive literacy, distance and infrastructure gaps.

VOTO Mobile is a technology startup. We are proud of our product, the leader in the M4D space. We are the only platform that integrates both IVR and SMS, that is set up to call every phone on the planet, and has a unique “smart delivery node” that allows organizations to perform their mobile engagement programing even in the context of non-reliable internet connections. We are at the cutting edge of M4D.

We currently have almost 50 employees, the majority of which are based in Ghana. We have a near even gender split, and a wide diversity of backgrounds. We are 3.5 years old and have been doubling our staff every year – something we are also hoping to maintain. Our ambition and growth creates a need for reliable people who can step in and be successful in their area of responsibility, and build the systems needed to grow that area.

We have a very supportive team culture. We have a learning approach and understand that most of us are working outside of our comfort zone. If you ask anyone at VOTO what their favorite part of working here, they’ll say the team… even those who are working remotely!

If you are interested in helping 3 billion people get connected to the information economy, please consider joining VOTO. VOTO Mobile is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome and are excited to receive applications from female candidates and diverse backgrounds.

Additional Information

Apply with CV and a well-written email that lets us understand why you’d be interested in working with VOTO (and has some great questions for us) to Please include the wording “Senior Full-Stack Engineer” in the subject line of your email.

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