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Mexico City
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About Connovo

Connovo is a social venture builder. We help to scale the impact of successful social businesses through a unique replication process. The companies we build solve pressing global social and environmental challenges and create value for successful social entrepreneurs, impact investors and professionals that want to make the world a better place.

Our solution: a focus on scaling what has proven to work.

At Connovo, we strongly believe that instead of using valuable resources to reinvent the wheel, we should focus on scaling what works: profitable social businesses with proven impact. We are now searching for a talented, experienced and collaborative leader, passionate about social innovation and entrepreneurship and ready to take the challenge of building great ventures with high-potential of creating social and economic impact.

The opportunity: Senior Impact Venture Builder

This is a powerful opportunity for a leading entrepreneur with a deep interest in social innovation and eager to build impact ventures from scratch or in early stage of development.

As Senior Impact Venture Builder you will have the opportunity to:

  • Help to scale one of Connovo’s leading impact ventures (Esoko) in close collaboration with the co-founding team
  • Build an impact venture from scratch together with Connovo\’s partners and network
  • Be part of a talented team with a methodology to dramatically increase the odds of success
  • See the change you bring about, every day
  • Stop thinking and start doing!

Your primary role will be to work with the Esoko Mexico team helping on various operational, commercial and financial aspects. This means:

  • Ensuring Esoko México is fully financed to sustain its development. In particular you will be responsible for raising investment and grant-funding
  • Providing support to the Business Development Manager in his commercial efforts
  • Developing and monitoring budget and preparing cash flow projections on a monthly basis
  • Develop a scaling strategy and operations with the Business Development Manager
  • Being responsible of the correct functioning of the Esoko platform and proposing new features
  • Reporting on a weekly and monthly basis to the Connovo team about the development of the business

Once Esoko México becomes independent of Connovo’s support in about 6 to 9 months, your role will be to lead the building of a new social venture from scratch. This is a very hands-on role where your entrepreneurship skills and business acumen will be raised at their maximum potential. Amongst other things, this means:

  • Conducting due diligence on the potential replicable ventures
  • Leading design and adaptation processes to the Mexican context
  • Negotiating collaboration agreements with original founders
  • Writing and presenting a business case proposal to Connovo’s board
  • Raising funding and selling to early-adopters
  • Setting up operations and recruiting the co-founding team
  • Working hand in hand with the co-founding team to scale quickly the business during at least 6 months

The Senior Impact Venture Builder should exhibit the following characteristics and experience:


  • +8 years of significant experience (founder of a start up, business consulting of early-stage companies, entrepreneurship, impact investing or a related area)
  • Considerable experience in business development; ideally as an entrepreneur or a business development manager in a start-up
  • Significant experience in business modelling
  • Experience in fundraising and investment
  • Adequate knowledge of organizational effectiveness and operations management


  • Enthusiastic and optimistic who deeply believes that social entrepreneurship can change the world
  • Exceptional business acumen: you understand quickly a new business, can develop a launch strategy and execute it
  • Great attention to details and Founder spirit and attitude
  • Adequate knowledge of organizational effectiveness and operations management
  • Great risk appetite, Result-oriented and Autonomous
  • Deep understanding and practice of budgeting, cash flow projections and fundraising
  • Comfortable in handling extremely complex business as well as working under uncertainty
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as cultural awareness and sensitivity, in order to build effective relationships with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Proven ability to develop and set direction as well as implement change; must have evidence of successfully initiating new structure and process
  • Fluency in English and Spanish 

Additional Information

If you think you have what it takes to be part of the success of an incredibly challenging startup with the potential to provide solutions to the most critical problems in a sustainable way please apply through the following link: