Senior Javascript Engineer

Remote (Senegal, UK, or Latvia preferred)
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OpenFn (see: is a digital public good (DPG) used by governments and NGOs around the world to scale the next generation of health and humanitarian interventions via data integration, interoperability, and smart process automation. We use cutting edge technologies to drive efficiency where it matters most; we do not make marginal improvements to already comfortable lives.

We’re looking for a senior engineer with deep Javascript experience to join our remote team. You will play a big part in taking our tooling into its next generation.

This next phase involves the creation of a Javascript (or Typescript) visualiser that allows users to create data transformation jobs using a large set of existing libraries we maintain.

Being few in numbers, we value quality of life in both our personal and professional spaces—we move fast and slow at times, but we try to make sure that we’re always doing so for the right reasons. No one likes wading through code that could have been written more clearly or stomping bugs that might have been avoided.

If you like the idea of low-code environments, of visualising ASTs, and of building out in the open in conversation with organizations and governments around the world, we’d love to talk to you.

Additional Information

Both the OpenFn iPaaS and the FOSS OpenFn Integration Toolkit are built on the Phoenix Framework (Elixir/Erlang) and backed by a Javascript compiler/execution environment (running in Node) with over 50 adaptors for working with different 3rd-party applications—the most critical applications for major public health and humanitarian interventions, the world over.

In this space, our vision is to extend our current open source offering, focusing on ease of use and better visibility when working with the custom jobs users create.