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Want to leverage your work experience to make an impact in the world?
Pivot and join a team that is transforming enterprises in the Central American region.

About us

We are a social innovation platform that designs, proposes and executes unconventional routes to achieve a sustainable, inclusive and profound change through entrepreneurship and the development of business models.

At Alterna, we believe in a world where possibilities to make an impact can flourish from the ground up. All our activities and programs are focused on creating a more connected, equitable and empathetic world.

Results of our work to date:
•       +1.2 million people directly impacted
•       $9 million in investments received by enterprises that we have cultivated
•       +$35 million in sales generated by enterprises that we have cultivated
•       +1,500 entrepreneurs served in 6 countries across Central America

What are we looking for?

We are looking to complement our team of experts with a global and professionally diverse profile to continue cultivating exemplary entrepreneurs who are redefining the entrepreneurial landscape in Central America. The specific position we are recruiting for is: Senior Marketing Innovator

• Degree in business administration, marketing, finance or something similar.
• At least 3 years of experience in a fast-paced professional environment.
• Experience in the creation and evaluation of marketing campaigns, marketing or sales strategies, and competition analysis for products and services.
• Ideally with experience in distribution channels, launching products and / or services, especially products / services for mass consumption.
• Ideally with experience in e-commerce and / or digital business models.
• Excellent management, communication, verbal and written skills and the ability to present to different types and sizes of audiences.
• Ideally with experience in operations and / or in basic software implementation for efficient team management.
• Experience in software management and data analysis a plus.
What do we offer?
We offer a diverse and flexible work environment with talented people in an innovative, conscious and dynamic organization that seeks to transform realities across different sectors and industries. We pay competitively, and the position naturally lends itself to exposure to different sectors and industries.

Opportunity to:
• Work together with pioneering entrepreneurs and SMEs that are redefining the region with their social impact and their disruptive business models
• Co-design marketing strategies and techniques to transform impact industries and open new markets.
• Develop disruptive business models that empower entrepreneurs to transcend.
• Apply effective marketing and sales strategies for the social impact sector.
• Connecting companies with impact investments to boost the economic development of the region.
• Create, incorporate and activate commercial and market knowledge to refine and advance our cultivation methodology.

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