Senior Mechanical Engineer

BURN Manufacturing USA LLC
Ruiru, Kenya
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BURN is looking for a driven candidate to fill the Senior Mechanical Engineer position at its modern clean cookstove manufacturing facility in Ruiru, Kiambu.
Roles and responsibilities
•       Develop, improve and implement manufacturing processes, including tools and jigs for fabrication, assembly, finishing, and infrastructural materials, among others.
•       Work closely with and help to train QC inspectors, technicians and production personnel in enhancing the quality and manufacturability of our product.
•       Creating and editing SOP’s and QC inspection documents.
•       Root cause analysis and trouble-shooting production issues and further refining the production system. This often requires creativity and resourcefulness to keep the factory running while waiting for proper repairs or components.
•       Evaluation, maintenance and repair of factory equipment including mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic systems.
•       Take a leadership role in bringing up new production lines.
•       Read and manipulate models and drawings in CAD.

Desired Character
•       Problem finder and solver.
•       Hands on.
•       Action oriented.
•       Mechanical aptitude, ability to troubleshoot and repair mechanical issues.
•       Excellent communicator.
•       Detail oriented and well organized.
•       Works well in a team.

Desired Experience
•       Comfortable working with basic shop machines and tools: manual mill, lathe, welders, etc.
•       Familiarity with basic metrology as it applies to our stove parts and tooling.
•       Welding and fabrication skills are preferable.
•       Experience in a medium volume, medium tech manufacturing setting, preferable.
•       Electrical control system basics is preferable.
•       Solidworks CAD skills: able to read drawings and complete design work

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Additional Information

BURN Manufacturing USA LLC designs, manufactures and distributes aspirational improved cooking products that save lives and forests in the developing world. BURN is the leading cookstove company in Sub-Saharan Africa and has revolutionized the global cookstove sector by proving the business case for selling high quality, locally manufactured, and unsubsidized cookstoves. Since 2013, BURN has sold 350,000 improved cookstoves in East Africa. These stoves have helped 1,500,000+ beneficiaries save $52 million in fuel expenditures and 1,156,221 tons of wood while reducing indoor air pollution by 65 percent. BURN currently sells ~15,000 stoves per month and is on track to double sales over the next 12 months.