Senior Technical Expert, Microfinance (Asia)

Accion International
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Accion is looking for a Senior Technical Expert to work with Accion’s MFI partners in South and Southeast Asia.  The employee will be part of a team of local and international experts to build the capacity of Accion’s partners in the area of microfinance and directly provide high-quality advisory services to Accion’s partner institutions.  The position is full time and the employee is expected to be based in Asia (preference is Myanmar but exact location is open to negotiation).


The employee will work with several partners of Accion in South and Southeast Asia to strengthen their capacity to offer microfinance products and improving process efficiencies by providing content, training and coaching/mentoring to partner institutions.  The role will initially focus on supporting Accion’s current partners in Myanmar and the Philippines with potentially some work with other Accion partners in Asia.  In the future, the employee is expected to work with a broader spectrum of Accion partners in Southeast Asia and across Asia.


The incumbent will have the following responsibilities with Accion partners in Asia:

  • Provide technical inputs, tools, project management support and leadership to projects which will enable partners to:
    • Refine business models for financial services to low-income segments, initially with an emphasis on Asia style group-lending-based microfinance (i.e. group/center model) and later on capacity based individual lending
    • Segment the microfinance customer base
    • Revise and strengthen microfinance products and processes, develop new loan products according to customer needs and pilot test these products; both for Grameen-style group lending and individual lending as well as related products and services
    • Strengthen microfinance lending methodologies
    • Support the development of risk management approaches
    • Support implementation of technology solutions to support lending
    • Strengthen microfinance sales mechanisms and sales force management
    • Develop new distribution approaches and channels
    • Strengthen microfinance lending operations and loan processing
    • Strengthen microfinance collections processes and procedures as well as internal audit and control systems
    • Develop and streamline policies and procedures manuals for microfinance products
    • Improve process efficiency
  • Support the due diligence of potential new partners
  • Support the development and delivery of a variety of training programs
  • Design and implement performance management frameworks
  • Contribute to the dissemination of best practices in microfinance among Accion partners in Asia and across the world
  • At least seven years of direct experience in microfinance, either as a consultant within a financial institution or within a microfinance network; out of which at least four years of experience in an operational or consulting role for a group lending institution (preferably Asia style group lending); and deep knowledge of individual lending operations
  • At least two years of experience as a consultant or project manager
  • Practical experience and deep understanding of international best practices in (Asia style) group lending and individual loan products, processes and business models; process improvement;  additional expertise in other financial products/services for low-income segments in emerging/developing economies
  • Proven track record of successfully transferring know-how and expertise to new contexts and new countries
  • Previous experience in South and Southeast Asia preferable
  • Strong analytical, interpersonal, communication and influencing skills
  • Comfort working in a fluid environment; guided by social objectives, and being self-directed, flexible, and creative
  • Fluency in English is required