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Visit the "where to apply" link, and if all the info feels aligned, click the button at the end for a Google Form application.
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Grow Ensemble is a social impact media and education company on a mission to invite more people into the world of sustainability. We produce podcasts, blogs, and videos to help make everyday change easier.

With this position, we are looking for writers (& editors) who can produce the very valuable, in-depth “Show Posts” that complement our audio/video podcast episodes.

These posts both act as an introduction to the topics we cover with guests of The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast, as well as a deeper dive that provides unique, additional information not otherwise covered on the actual episode. Examples can be found in the full job posting.

The only time zone requirement is some overlap with Eastern Standard Time (New York, USA) during working hours (8am–5pm, generally). We are looking for experienced writers who are interested and passionate about social and environmental sustainability, and would enjoy learning more about the various topics we cover (which is a lot!). We’re also looking for writers who are interested in a long-term, steady working relationship.

Please visit the job post for all details. Thank you for your interest!

Additional Information

Once your application is accepted, we’ll reach out to begin a trial project. If we decide you’re a good fit for the types of posts we’re looking for, you’ll be invited to work on additional projects. All work is on a contract basis.