SME Advisor (Mini-Grids)

Energy 4 Impact - Recruitment Section
Nairobi, Kenya
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This role is within Advisory Services, a Nairobi-based team of professionals from a range of private sector backgrounds including investment banking and private equity, management consulting, law, entrepreneurship, infrastructure project development, micro-finance and engineering.

Our clients are primarily based in East Africa and range in the stage of their development from ideation/pre-pilot to scale-up. We work with companies employing a range of business models and technologies. Many are developing small-scale assets for power generation and distribution (e.g. through mini-grids) using solar, biomass gasification, or hydropower, while others produce or distribute solar lights or home systems, clean cook-stoves or biomass-based fuels.

Our common near-term aim is to help our client develop into a business that will withstand a due diligence process designed to assess its financial, operational and technical robustness. Our ultimate goal is to increase the likelihood that the company matures into a profitable commercial enterprise that plays a meaningful role in electrifying the 1.3 billion people currently without power.  In short, we work with companies to increase their prospects for survival and growth.

We help companies develop their business model, enhance operational execution, and access financing. Engagements typically consist of some combination of management consulting or capital advisory, market research, and assistance developing new partnerships. Many clients find significant value in our knowledge of, and preparation for, financiers – from commercial private equity firms, to impact investors or donors.

We have completed more than 220 engagements with more than 112 companies, and our clients have raised a cumulative $83 million of debt, equity and grants since engaging with us.

Responsibilities for the role include:
•       Working with mini-grid project developers and providing them technical, financial and business advisory support.
•       Working with mini-grid project developers on capital raising support and helping them in tapping various source of finance (grant/equity/debt) for both early stage as well as later stage of the project.
•       Working with mini-grid developers and helping them with site identification and other project development support for the entire life-cycle of the project.
•       Conducting advisory engagements (which span strategy consulting, investment readiness, partnership facilitation, project development support, and “customized projects”) with mini-grids project developers, renewable energy SMEs & social enterprises.
•       Supporting clients to access financing, and using ENERGY4IMPACT institutional knowledge and relationships with financiers, investment requirements, and transaction structures to advise clients and help them be successful in closing transactions.
•       Developing pipeline projects that fit ENERGY4IMPACT’s priorities/capabilities with current or new clients.
•       Helping to develop ENERGY4IMPACT’s internal processes and knowledge of technologies, business models, regulatory issues, financing process, etc.
•       Delivering high quality work, with attention to detail and a focus on results.

o       5-10 years of experience in the Renewable Energy sector, with at least 2 years of experience in the mini-grids sector
o       Experience working with rural and off-grid business models and technologies, and an understanding of unique challenges faced by businesses operating in Africa and/or other developing countries
o       Direct experience of working with green mini-grid project developers and understanding of the challenges that they face.

Additional Information

ENERGY4IMPACT is funded by major development agencies e.g Sida (Sweden), DfID (UK), World Bank, USAID, Barclays, OFID, and EU. Our FY2014 revenues were ~$5m, and since our founding in 2006, we have leveraged $55+ million of grant funding to support more than 3,000 businesses.