SME Advisor – Moving Energy Initiative

Energy 4 Impact
Nairobi, Kenya
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Responsibilities for the role include;
 Working with humanitarian organisations and the private sector to develop a pipeline of projects that could sustainably address current energy needs in humanitarian settings. Working with project developers to refine the technical and financial scope of their proposals.
 Leading the design of funding mechanisms for energy projects in humanitarian settings based on consultations between potential donors and project developers. Managing the design of the fund structure, institutional arrangements, evaluation criteria, project specifications etc.
 Conducting feasibility into businesses model and technical solutions that can address current energy challenges in camp settings including non-wood based fuel and infrastructure management contracts. Conducting consultations with stakeholders to design the required support mechanisms
and contracts.
 Developing procurement processes and contracts that could be used for tendering energy services.
 Coordinating the review and evaluation of project proposals and preparing the necessary documentation for disbursement of small grant awards.
 Monitoring and evaluation of grants that have been awarded to project developers for low carbon energy projects and market development activities. Provision of technical assistance during the implementation of the projects.
 Supporting the design and implementation of market based interventions under the programme including proposed activities and partners for implementation. Inputting into project documents,
work plans and budgets.

Supporting the design of tools for use by humanitarian actors to improve energy data management and camp level planning of energy interventions.
 Inputting into programme reports to communicate activities with partners and donors and toolkits disseminating findings from the programme.
 Managing relationships and communication between MEI and the private sector to ensure their effective involvement and input throughout the programme.
 Supporting monitoring and evaluation activities across the programme to ensure data and evidence on programme interventions are accurately captured.
 Support in other programme management and operational activities as required.

o 5+ years’ experience in energy project development, operations, or financing; or experience in early-stage entrepreneurship,
o (and/or)
o 5+ years’ experience in management or strategic consulting or financial advisory;
o Experience working in the energy sector in East Africa with a strong focus on private sector engagement and development;
o Understanding of energy technologies for cooking and lighting and power generation applications;
o Experience in project management, management of small scale grants and monitoring and evaluation of projects;
o Experience working with rural and off-grid business models and technologies, and an understanding of the unique challenges faced by businesses operating in Africa;
o Experience in procurement and contracting for energy projects and services is a plus.

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