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Peace Corps Response Volunteers (PCRV) are needed to serve as Social Impact Advisors for research centers with Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT) in Mexico. CONACYT is in charge of the promotion of scientific and technological activities, setting government policies in relation to science, technology and innovation, and granting scholarships for postgraduate studies. It is the equivalent of United States’ National Science Foundation. CONACYT has a network of twenty-six publicly funded research centers. The National Development Plan (Plan Nacional de Desarrollo 2019-2024) prioritizes social development, economic development, and environmentally sustainable development. According to the new mandate for CONACYT, science, technology, and innovation need to prioritize social and environmental challenges and incorporate a humanistic lens. In order to align themselves with these new national priorities and maximize the social impact of their research and development, publicly funded CONACYT research centers are seeking the counsel and collaboration of professionals with a STEM degree and work experience focused on social impact to assist in developing strategies and systems to measure, monitor, and evaluate social impact, and to train-up local actors to continue on after the PCRVs’ service.

The Social Impact Advisors, with at least a bachelor’s degree in any STEM field, teaching or training experience in higher education environments, and three years of experience in applied sciences with a social impact focus are needed to work with research center personnel to strengthen capacities in the area of social impact for science, technology, engineering, and design. PCRVs will partner with center personnel to develop formal and/or informal training which will give researchers and students the knowledge and skills to apply a social impact lens to their work and measure the social impact of their projects. Depending on each center’s needs and priorities, potential activities include compilation of information on institutional projects, evaluation and monitoring of social impact indicators by project and institution, and sharing social impact information resources and best practices. PCRVs will also be expected to identify other areas in which they can add value as well as be willing to help Center’s personnel and students strengthen their English language skills. The goal of this assignment is to promote the application of a social impact lens onto research and development projects and proposals.

Please note these are approximate departure dates and might change.