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RSF Seeks Social Impact Fellows

In the spirit of building the field of social finance we are excited to announce our sixth year of the Social Impact Fellowship. We are eager to support the development of the next generation of inspiring leaders and to bring a fresh perspective to our business development activities.

RSF seeks exceptional, analytical, and entrepreneurial Social Impact Fellows to serve in an eight month Fellowship role. Open to graduate students and professionals within the US and Canada who are seeking a career in social finance, Social Impact Fellows identify, vet, and pitch promising social impact businesses and organizations to RSF for financing (senior-secured debt.) The Fellows are responsible for scanning and understanding the local, regional, and national landscape for high potential innovations, trends, and movements within RSF’s focus areas that emphasize the creation of social value and impact; sourcing for-profit and non-profit social enterprises that exhibit both financial sustainability and significant social impact; conducting preliminary due diligence including financial analysis and underwriting on live deals within RSF’s pipeline; and presenting the business case for investment to senior staff at RSF. Successful Fellows will gain a reputation for their strategic ability to spot and qualify ground-breaking and pioneering approaches to solving pressing social problems through business. The application deadline is September 4, 2015.

This fellowship requires a 5 hours per week commitment through June 1, 2016.

Please visit our Jobs page to learn more or apply for this opportunity!