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New Delhi with <30% travel to remote Bihar and Kerala
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Arc Finance is seeking a dynamic, experienced Software Program Associate to design and implement its Energy Program Management Plug-in software. The Energy Program Management Plug-in software is to be developed for 1 to 2 Microfinance Institution (MFI) partners to support them in managing energy lending program in an efficient and effective manner. The assignment will start in September 2017 and complete by the end of October 2017.

Role Activities:

The key activities for this role include but are not limited to:

•       Developing Systems Requirement Specification (SRS) based on the needs assessment of the partners
•       Developing and implementing Energy Program Management Plug-in at 1 to 2 MFI partners to support them in managing energy lending program in an efficient and effective manner.
–       Develop software solutions matching needs as per approvals provided by Arc Finance
–       Support MFI to deploy and test the solution in several branches and documenting the process and effectiveness.
–       Conduct training to build capacity with partner organizations, provide handholding support and troubleshoot problems in early stage of deployment for partner organizations
–       Revise design, make necessary changes based on feedback provided by end users, partner organization members, and Arc Finance.
•       Coordinating with the Arc Finance team throughout the process.


•       Wireframe for software solution and process architecture with thorough documentation
•       High fidelity prototype of the solutions and documentation of feedback from all relevant stakeholders
•       Tailored “System Requirement Specification (SRS)” based on needs assessment for 1 to 2 MFI partners
•       EPM Plug-in software
•       Evaluation of deployment process and effectiveness of the plug-in

Required experience and mindset:

–       You have a minimum of Master degree in computer science, software engineering or related discipline
–       You have minimum 2 years of practical experience in developing exceptional software, preferably from very early stages
–       You can confidently facilitate and guide team, whether it is to extract patterns among insights, to craft design principles, to generate ideas, experiments, testing, and prototyping
–       You have experience building wireframes and lower fidelity prototypes to elicit feedback from users
–       You are comfortable with multiple iterations based on needs and requirements of multiple stakeholders without compromising on end users’ needs
–       It is preferable that you have experience with conducting trainings to field staff of organizations similar to partner organizations
–       You have some relevant work experience in rural development

–       We need the Software Program Associate to join our team by September 15. The software in high fidelity version needs to be implemented with MFI partner by mid-October.

Interested candidates, please send in your resume to with title ‘ I’m your Software Program Associate’ and cover letter explaining why we must give you the contract.