Sr. Portfolio Manager

Bangalore, India
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Sr. Portfolio Manager

The primary role will be to create a pipeline of potential investees by networking, taking part in industry and social enterprise events and forums, keep an eye on latest industry trends, source investment opportunities and meet potential social enterprises and their founders. The Manager will also get involved into the deal process (ie., due diligence, analyzing business plans, market analysis, valuation and impact analysis), present the deals to the investment committee and assist them in making informed investment decisions and structuring of investments. Post investment, the Investment Manager will have to make sure that the invested social enterprises run smoothly and will be on their board and make sure that the financial and social objectives of the investments are taken care. Besides, the Investment Manager will also be responsible for monitoring & evaluating the investments made and communicating the performance of the investments to the investors.

Core responsibilities

•       Scouting and identification of potential grassroots RE entrepreneurs/enterprises
•       Conduct due diligence on potential social enterprise investment opportunities in the target sector.
•       Building rapport with the founders and/or management team of the social enterprise
•       Preparing investment memorandums and presenting it to the investment committee
•       Structure the investment deal and prepare investment documentation.
•       Develop and manage relationships with investors and other partners.
•       Reports to the Board and Investors.
•       Participate in meetings, conferences and events led or attended by key stakeholders or potential partners in the sector
•       Comply with Financial regulations, legislation and procedures

Essential experience and personal qualifications:
       Minimum 2-5 years experience in investment processes and management consultancy
       Wide understanding of different markets and business models and ability to judge the quality and motivation of management teams.
       Ability to understand, interpret and advise on business and financial strategy for social enterprises.
       Strong social acumen
       Strong financial modeling skills
       Experience in the implementation of systems and performance measurement processes.
       Ability to think creatively about investment solutions particularly pertaining to non-English speaking entrepreneurs
       Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills
       Exceptional influencing and interpersonal skills, able to adapt to different audiences and build effective relationships
       Able to work independently, demonstrate initiative and tenacity completing tasks.
       Thorough and detailed approach to organizing and maintaining accurate records.
       Willing to travel within the country

       Masters in the field of Finance/Renewable Energy or any other relevant professional qualification or work experience
       Experience of completing and exiting social investment deals either as investor or enterprise

As a mission driven fund, the position comes with a salary that is probably below what you could get working at a larger corporation, VCs and exact compensation varies based on experience. If income is the primary goal for you, SELCO Fund may not be a good fit. However if you are looking for strong ground level experience on social enterprises, local partnerships, inclusive investments and financial sustainability within hard to reach geographies then this position is ideal.

Kindly note that is a full-time position, with a minimum expectation of 2 years with the initial contract (after an initial trial period).

Additional Information

SELCO Energy Access Fund is a social investment vehicle with a target to enhance energy access to under-served. The Fund will offer a holistic mix of debt and equity to early and seed stage enterprises. The Fund will invest in a mix of enterprises, by size and the potential scale they hope to achieve. It is fundamentally different from other social venture funds as the focus will be on entrepreneurs who are unable to tap into other sources of funding due to social demographic, language, education, cultural or other barriers. This Fund will attach more value to social returns than financial returns.

The Fund will draw heavily from the experience of SELCO India, a leading social energy enterprise since 1995 that provides sustainable energy solutions to improve quality of life and livelihoods of individuals and small businesses. It aims to fill a gap in the energy access ecosystem to provide access to low cost capital and related capacity building for small, medium and large enterprises in India.