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HI, WE’RE 17 TRIGGERS. We do marketing for good causes. That’s right, 100% good causes. Whether it’s triggering Cambodian farmers to triple their crop yields, Zambian children to finish school, or rural Haitians to buy solar lights and cookstoves, we believe that creative ideas can help make the world a better place. We’ve worked on projects related to health, sanitation, water, education, agriculture/food security, financial literacy, mobile money, women’s empowerment, climate change, family planning, safe migration, child marriage, and more.

Looking for a new challenge and want to help us kick things off from Cambodia? Let’s see if you’re a good fit.

The Senior Research & Strategy Lead position at a glance:

For this lead position, think of yourself as a half ‘detective’, half ‘social scientist’, working on a handful of assignments per year. In a typical project your ‘detective’ side would be all about lightning fast investigation – reviewing background research, searching for global best practices, conducting field research, interviewing stakeholders – in the pursuit of solving mysteries like:

– Why are so many children malnourished in Nepal?

– Why are 20% of Zambian preschools shutting down every year?

– Why do some farmers buy solar lights and others do not?

With these types of mysteries in mind, let’s be clear – we are not looking for your average researcher who likes to answer questions with long, sophisticated reports. Rather, speed and laser focus is everything. Amidst a world of information overload, we need a detective who can help us figure out the ‘real story’ and root problem to solve.

After putting all the puzzle pieces together, you would brief our creative teams, who would start working on new ways to solve the problem. This is where your ‘social scientist’ side comes in. As the creative team starts bringing ideas to life, you’d begin to figure out how we can test these ideas with real people. Not just testing with focus groups, but ways to conduct ‘behavioral trials’ that stage the ideas as if they were real, so we can monitor actual human behavior. From planning testing, coordinating logistics, training local NGO partners, making sure the testing goes smoothly, to finally, presenting the key findings back to client, we need a \”Frankenstein\” – half ‘detective’, half ‘social scientist.’

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

– Conduct qualitative research including literature reviews, expert and user interviews, participatory action research, ethnographic research, in-context observation to develop a clear understanding of challenges our clients face.
– Lead, design, and plan field research with multicultural teams.
– Develop field testing methodologies to test tools and behavioral trials by using iterative methods.
– Synthesize information and present key strategic recommendations and/or project implications in 1-3 page briefs, 15 minute presentations, or 10 page reports, if needed.
– And More…

Here’s what we require:

– You have 10+ years experience doing research and strategy at a multinational development organization, big ad agency, service design, design thinking, or innovation firm.
– Degree in international development, research, anthropology, behavioral economics, design, etc. Graduate degree strongly preferred.
– You are willing and excited to travel 40% of your time.
– You have work experience with nonprofits, governments, or NGO type clients and in multiple developing countries (esp. in Asia or Africa).
– You are fluent in written and spoken English. Bonus: Fluent in Khmer or French language

Salary? Benefits? Yep, we got them too. Our offer starts with:

– A highly competitive salary package for being based in Cambodia.
– A fantastic global health insurance package
– 3 weeks paid leave + 3 weeks paid national holidays
– Visa and work permit
– Some relocation expenses

Want to join 17 Triggers? See our website at for more details! Good luck!

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